MAP And Sales Policy

Privateer Press Adopts MAP and Sales Policy into Free Rider Policy

Privateer Press has determined, after watching the evolution of the market in the industry, that the introduction of a Minimum Advertised Price or MAP would be a welcome change to the Free Rider Policy. As of today, Privateer Press will be instituting a MAP of 15% off the MSRP on all outward-facing advertising as described by the Privateer Press Minimum Advertised Price Policy. Privateer Press will no longer monitor the market for deep discounts to actual sales prices but will instead focus its efforts to ensuring the MAP Policy is honored.

Privateer Press, as a companion to the MAP Policy, will also be enacting a sales policy that allows retailers to run advertised sales below the standard MAP. This sales policy will allow retailers to run advertised sales that offer product at prices with a discount greater than the MAP would normally allow on a specific selection of Privateer Press products for a limited amount of time per month. Retailers will be given a list of products that can be sold under this sales policy and will be expected to use only those approved Privateer Press products in their advertised sales. Initially, this list will consist of all Privateer Press products with exception to those in the Core and Essential ranges and all Privateer Press products that have been designated as new releases (typically released within the last three months). This Approved Sales list is found at the bottom of this page. Retailers may run one sale for a period up to seven business days once per month. This should permit retailers to determine the best time to run a sale against the rest of the market and should offer a generous variety of options for them to build an effective sale.

From November 16th through December 14th, the MAP will be reduced to 25% on all Privateer Press products, not just the approved list. This is to ensure retailers can best capitalize on the end of year and holiday sales opportunities and inventory adjustments.

All other elements of the Free Rider Policy that are not in regards to deep discounting will still be in effect. Anti-competitive behavior among retailers that is not solely based on deep discount of actual sales price of Privateer Press goods will still result in placement on the Free Rider list. Retailers that violate the Privateer Press MAP Policy and/or the attached online sales policy will be placed on the Free Rider list as well. For full details please download and read the MAP policy linked at the bottom of this page.

Approved Sales List.xlsx
Minimum Advertised Price Policy for US Retailers.pdf