September 2017 Dynamic Update Developer's Notes

Below you’ll find all the changes that came out of the Trenchers CID cycle, along with a few clerical or quality-of-life updates made to other existing models.

Core Rules


Add the following to the end of the Assault text:

If an Assault ranged attack misses its target and the attacker is in melee with the target, do not reroll the attack against another model. It misses completely.

This adjustment to the core rule Assault is a quality-of-life change that makes the rule function more like people expected it to. No longer will your assaulting Trenchers have a chance of killing each other if they miss their ranged attacks after charging.


Captain Jeremiah Kraye

Reduce Captain Jeremiah Kraye's warjack points to +28.
Increase Captain Jeremiah Kraye's RAT to 7.
Increase Captain Jeremiah Kraye's ARM to 16.
Replace Kraye's feat Horsepower with Light 'Em Up:

Feat: Light 'Em Up

While in Kraye’s control range, the ranged and melee weapons of friendly Faction models gain Beacon and Flare. Light ’Em Up lasts for one turn. (Friendly Faction models can charge or make a slam power attack against an enemy model hit by a weapon with Beacon without being forced or spending focus. A friendly Faction model charging an enemy model hit by a weapon with Beacon gains +2˝ movement. Beacon lasts for one turn.) (Models hit by a weapon with Flare lose Stealth and suffer –2 DEF for one turn.)

Replace the first sentence of the Iron Horse special rule with the following:

Light and heavy warjacks in this model’s battlegroup gain Cavalry , Pathfinder , and Reposition [5˝].

Add the Steady special rule to Kraye:

Steady – This model cannot become knocked down.

Add the Brutal Charge special rule to Kraye’s melee weapon Bitter End:

Brutal Charge – This model gains +2 to charge attack damage rolls with this weapon.

Spells: Remove the spells Arcane Blast, Bullet Dodger, Easy Rider, and Pursuit.

Add the spells Admonition, Countermeasure, Horsepower, Jumpstart, and Lock the Target:

Admonition | 2 | 6 | – | – | UP | No
When an enemy model advances and ends its movement within 6˝ of target model in the spellcaster’s battlegroup, the affected model can immediately advance up to 3˝, then Admonition expires. The affected model cannot be targeted by free strikes during this movement.

Countermeasure | 2 | 6 | – | – | UP | No
While within 5˝ of target friendly Faction model/unit, enemy models cannot make ranged attacks.

Horsepower | 2 | Self | Ctrl | – | Turn | No
Warjacks in the spellcaster’s battlegroup currently in its control range gain +3˝ movement when they charge or make a slam power attack. Horsepower lasts for one turn.

Jumpstart | 1 | Self | Ctrl | – | – | No
Models in the spellcaster’s battlegroup that are currently in its control range stand up and are no longer stationary. Affected models can turn to face any direction. Models that were knocked down this turn are not affected by Jumpstart.

Lock the Target | 2 | 10 | – | 10 | * | Yes
A model damaged by Lock the Target cannot run, charge, make slam or trample power attacks, or be placed for one round.

Kraye underwent a major overhaul with a new spell list, a new feat, and some upgraded abilities. I believe these changes speak for themselves.

Major Victoria Haley

Replace the rules text of Haley’s feat Temporal Shift with the following:

Choose d3 + 5 enemy models currently in Haley’s control range. Chosen models must forfeit either their Normal Movement or Combat Action during their next activations. Temporal Shift lasts for one round.

We’ve had our eye on Haley 2 for quite some time. We have been taking a baby-steps approach to her power level and hope this change will finally bring her in line with the rest of the game. Before this change, her feat was arguably one of the best feats in the game. Not only was it powerful to use, but it also caused some substantial negative play experiences. While this new imagining of that feat is still quite powerful, we hope that opponents will be more able to participate in the game during her feat turn instead of essentially skipping their entire turn.


Add the Brutal Charge special rule to the Mattock:

Brutal Charge – This model gains +2 to charge attack damage rolls with this weapon.

Replace the text of the Manual Reload special rule with the following:

This model can make one additional Grenade Launcher ranged attack during its Combat Action for each Trencher model within 1˝ of it, up to a maximum of two additional attacks.

The Grenadier was a building block of the Gravediggers theme force. We feel this change will help differentiate the Grenadier from the Charger and make it a more attractive choice by providing a little bump in its melee hitting power. There is also a quality-of-life change to make using the Grenadier’s Manual Reload rule more player-friendly.


Reduce the point cost to 10.
Remove the Advance Deployment advantage.

The Hunter had the ability to reach into the opposing player’s deployment zone very easily and with great consistency. We felt this was not only a negative play experience but also imbalanced. As a trade-off for losing Advance Deployment, the Hunter’s point cost went down to 10.


Add the Extended Control Range special rule:

Extended Control Range – When checking to see if this model is in its controller’s control range, double the range.

The Minuteman has always wanted to venture far out ahead of its controlling warcaster, and with this change it will be able to effectively play a flanking role while still being combat effective.


Reduce the point cost to 18.
Add Damage Type: Magical to the Heavy Barrel.
Remove the Arcane Precision special rule.
Replace the third sentence of the Bond [Siege] special rule with the following:

While this model is bonded to Siege and in his control range, it gains boosted ranged attack damage rolls.

Add the Dual Attack and True Sight special rules to Triumph:

Dual Attack – This model can make melee and ranged attacks in the same activation. When this model makes its initial melee attacks or a power attack, it can also make its initial ranged attacks. This model can make ranged attacks even while in melee.

True Sight – This model ignores cloud effects when determining LOS. This model also ignores Stealth .

Triumph received an upgrade during this CID cycle to make it more appealing in Siege lists. A point drop and a rework of several rules led to a more consistently useful and more powerful model.

Long Gunner Infantry

Reduce the point cost for Leader & 5 Grunts to 10 and for Leader & 9 Grunts to 16.

Long Gunner Infantry were made a little cheaper to make room for their more expensive, more elite Trencher Long Gunner brothers.

Storm Lances

Increase the POW of the Electro Lance to 8 (P+S 14).
Remove the Electro Leap special rule from the Electrical Bolt.

We felt that Storm Lances were too strong in every aspect of the game. They were fast, hard-hitting, and accurate, and they brought a large volume of damage rolls into both melee and ranged combat. These changes help specialize the Storm Lances into more of an anti-armor role while still keeping their flavor.

Trencher Cannon Crew

Add the Advance Deployment advantage to the Gunner and Grunts.

The Trencher Cannon was having trouble making it to relevant places on the table to dig in and start firing. Advance Deployment should help it reach a more helpful position faster.

Trencher Chain Gun Crew

Reduce the point cost to 4.

Reducing the cost of the Trencher Chain Gun Crew should help it sneak into a few more lists.

Trencher Commandos

Reduce the point cost for Leader & 9 Grunts to 15.

Trencher Commandos are a solid unit with an anti-infantry role. Lowering their cost compared to Trencher Infantry helps differentiate them and is appropriate given their relative lack of flexibility compared to other units.

Major Katherine Laddermore

Remove the Electrocharger special rule from Laddermore (Mounted).
Add the Veteran Leader [Storm Knight] special rule to Laddermore (Mounted & Dismounted):

Veteran Leader [Storm Knight] – While in this model’s command range, other friendly Storm Knight models gain +1 to attack rolls.

In line with the changes to Storm Lances, these changes to Laddermore continue to focus Storm Lances into a melee role and away from being a ranged powerhouse unit. Veteran Leader [Storm Knight] allows her benefits to apply to a much wider variety of models than Electrocharger did.

Trench Buster

Reduce the point cost to 5.
Reduce the SPD to 5.
Increase the number of damage boxes to 8.
Remove the Smoke special rule from the Cinder Bomber..

These changes bring the Trench Buster more in line with how we wanted him to play. Being a cheaper Shield Guard option that is slower and more durable fits his design intent perfectly.

Trencher Master Gunner

Add the Foxhole Buddy special rule to the Master Gunner:

Foxhole Buddy – While B2B with a friendly model that is dug in, this model gains cover, does not suffer blast damage, and does not block LOS.

Being one of the only non-dug in models was always sad for the Trencher Master Gunner. This addition should help keep him safe when he’s hanging around his weapon crews.



Replace the text of the Bond [Old Witch] special rule with the following:

Bond [The Old Witch of Khador] – This model begins the game bonded to the Old Witch of Khador. This model is not considered to be bonded while under your opponent’s control. While this model is bonded to the Old Witch of Khador, when the Old Witch is damaged by an enemy attack, this model gains +2 SPD and +2 to attack and damage rolls for one round.

Replace the text of the Companion [Old Witch] special rule with the following:

Companion [The Old Witch of Khador] – This model is included in any army that includes the Old Witch of Khador. If the Old Witch is destroyed or removed from play, remove this model from play. This model is part of the Old Witch’s battlegroup.

We wouldn’t want any stray Scrapjacks wandering into Old Witch 2 or 3 lists, now would we?



Replace the text of the Loader special rule with the following:

This model must be within 1˝ of a friendly Faction warrior model to make attacks with this weapon.

We really couldn’t upgrade Manual Reload on the Grenadier without looking at the Mariner’s Loader rule as well. This quality-of-life change helps players capitalize on the rules of these ’jacks without feeling penalized by them.