Privateer Press to Release New Miniatures Combat Game: HORDES

Seattle, August 20th 2005—Privateer Press, Inc. announced the development of a completely new miniatures game today. A follow-up to their award winning WARMACHINE, the new product titled HORDES, will focus on massive warbeasts and their controlling warlocks in the wilds of the Iron Kingdoms.

Matt Wilson, Creative director for Privateer Press had this to say about the new line:

“HORDES is a completely stand-alone game, utilizing unique mechanics and systems that enable your warlock to control his army of warbeasts. No focus, No warcasters. These are not new factions for WARMACHINE. At the same time, it is 100% compatible with WARMACHINE. If you know how to play WARMACHINE you already know the basics of HORDES.

Just adding new armies to WARMACHINE would not do justice to the scope and scale of the story we needed to tell. Most importantly, Privateer Press never wants to take the easy route for our products if there is a better way to do what needs to be done. When faced with a decision to give you a new game, or new factions for WARMACHINE, we decided to do the right thing. We decided to give you both. HORDES is about aggressive rage and calculated risks. It is not WARMACHINE; it is WARMACHINE’s feral twin.”

HORDES is based in the wilderness of the Iron Kingdoms, a sharp contrast to the steam-powered, man-made armies featured in WARMACHINE—and it will launch with four all-new playable factions. The initial release will feature the resilient Trollblood, the vicious Skorne, the mysterious Circle Orboros, and the tainted Legion of Everblight.

Including terrifying beasts such as the Warpwolf and the Dire Troll first introduced in the Privateer Press role-playing book, The Monsternomicon, HORDES brings the wild side of the Iron Kingdoms to the player’s tabletops.

Launching in 2006, the HORDES line will hit the shelves with four new battle boxes from the world-renowned sculptors and designers at Privateer Press and a full-length rulebook; everything a player needs to get started.

Privateer Press, Inc. was founded in 2000 by Matt Wilson and Brian Snoddy and produces the award-winning tabletop miniatures war game WARMACHINE as well as the award-winning Iron Kingdoms role-playing game. To learn more about Privateer Press, visit or contact the president of Privateer Press, Sherry Yeary, at (425) 643-5900.