Privateer Press Keynote Reveals 2014 Highlights!

Privateer Press has announced the 2014 release of LEVEL 7 [INVASION], HORDES: Exigence, and the Cephalyx Mercenary Contract for WARMACHINE! In addition, Privateer Press announced the early-2015 release of Iron Kingdoms Unleashed.

These announcements were made in the Privateer Press 2014 Keynote presentation, which can be viewed in its entirety at:

These video reveals can also be watched individually using the links below.

LEVEL 7 [INVASION], the stand-alone cooperative board game of global strategy, releases Fall 2014. To see the game’s teaser reveal, watch:

HORDES: Exigence, the next HORDES expansion, releases Fall 2014 and adds a host of new models and units, including warbeast packs and a new breed of lesser warlocks. To see a preview of the book’s highlights, watch:

The new Cephalyx models for WARMACHINE represent a new Mercenary Contract and will debut at Lock & Load GameFest 2014, held June 6–8. For a first look at the subfaction, watch:

Releasing early 2015, Iron Kingdoms Unleashed is a self-contained, hyper-aggressive roleplaying game that focuses on the wilds of western Immoren and is fully compatible with the Iron Kingdoms Full Metal Fantasy Roleplaying Game. For a first look at the distinct features of this new game, watch: