Privateer Pins

Privateer Pins are the best way to show people you like stabby metal things. They can be put on backpacks, army bags, shirts, hats, and even toast. Privateer Pins are available at many conventions and can also be found in the Online Store. Have a great idea for a pin or even the next collection? Send your suggestions to!

New Pins For November

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Pin Collections


Show off your faction in style. Pin style. Like style involving putting these pins on your stuff. Yeah!

Bodgers In Disguise

Bodgers are nerds. Look at them in their funny clothes.

Iron Kingdoms Cereal

Iron Kingdoms Cereal is made organic!


So sweet they they'll give you tooth decay.


Pins of the once living who may or may not actually be dead canon wise.

Character Busts

Like those heads people put on pianos.


Not just for pirates and people looking who are bad with directions.


From faction symbols and personal marks to tartans and talismans, we've got pins to fill in the gaps on your pinnable objects.

Football Helmets

Support your favorite, stylized teams like the Scarsfell Griffons or the Korsk Kodiaks!

Convention Pins

Here today, St. Louis tomorrow.