Primecast Episode 12

Episode 12 of Privateer Press Primecast has arrived! Join co-hosts Simon Berman and Will Shick as they interview fellow staffers at Privateer HQ. Organized Play & Volunteer Coordinator, Will Hungerford talks Scars of Caen: Blighterghast and the Exigence book release event, and drops some hints about the 2015 WARMACHINE & HORDES league. Lead Writer, Doug Seacat discusses the story and characters of HORDES: Exigence. Next, Development Manager, David “DC” Carl talks with Will about the Theme Forces and warlocks of HORDES: Exigence. Finally, RPG Producer, Matt Goetz returns to talk about using the Monsternomicon to design encounters for your Iron Kingdoms Roleplaying Game adventures.

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