‘The Butcher of Khardov’ Nominated for Hugo Award


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Skull Island eXpeditions Novella ‘The Butcher of Khardov’ Nominated for Hugo Award

BELLEVUE, WA, April 21, 2014 – Privateer Press is pleased to announce that the Skull Island eXpeditions book The Warcaster Chronicles: The Butcher of Khardov, by Dan Wells, has been nominated for a Hugo Award for best novella of 2013. Presented annually since 1955, the Hugo Award is the most prestigious award for science fiction and fantasy fiction and considers works published across the globe. A complete list of 2014 Hugo Award nominees can be found at thehugoawards.org.

“We are absolutely thrilled for Dan Wells,” said Privateer Press Publications Manager Aeryn Rudel. “From the start it has been the goal of Skull Island eXpeditions to present top-quality fiction from the industry’s most talented writers.”

When asked about Dan Wells’ work on The Butcher of Khardov, Aeryn added, “Orsus Zoktavir is an iconic character of the Iron Kingdoms setting, but much of his past has never been presented until now. Dan crafted a story that simultaneously preserved the established history and personality of this beloved character and masterfully explored elements of Zoktavir’s tortured psyche, giving readers the chance to see new depths in a man they may have thought they understood.”

Skull Island eXpeditions is the fiction imprint of Privateer Press, publishing novels, novellas, and short fiction based on its various IPs, primarily the Iron Kingdoms, the “steam-powered” fantasy setting for its award-winning tabletop games WARMACHINE and HORDES. In addition to Dan Wells, Skull Island features other acclaimed writers, including New York Times bestselling and Hugo Award nominated author Larry Correia and Hugo Award winner Howard Tayler.

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