Privateer Press Launches New Northkin Theme Force Expansion


Contact: Sherry Yeary, President, Privateer Press, (425) 643-5900,

Privateer Press Launches New Northkin Theme Force Expansion

November 8, 2017

Bellevue, WA - Privateer Press is releasing its first-ever theme force for the HORDES tabletop game this November. Theme forces are armies designed around specific military roles that allow players to field armies with a unified aesthetic and rules designed to work together well on the tabletop.

The Northkin theme force delves into the relatively unexplored trollkin culture of these northern trollbloods and features 10 new models for the Faction, including all-new Northkin Raiders, a new warlock Kolgrima Stonetruth, and the massive Hearthgut Hooch Hauler. Additionally, the new Northkin Army Theme Box features the Trollkin Chieftain Valka Curseborn and the new Northkin Bear Handler & Battle Bears. Combined with the currently available Trollkin Battlegroup Starter Box, the theme box allows players to field a complete 35-point Northkin army.

“Since the beginning of HORDES, the Trollbloods have been a proud and determined people, standing firm and stoic in the face of grim adversity,” Executive Director William Shick said. “However, while the Northkin also face the same struggle for survival as their better-known southern kin, these alcohol-swigging, battle-loving, fiery Trollbloods present a wholly different outlook and lust for life. Rather than face the constant warfare surrounding them with grim determination, they actually revel in the chance to constantly test themselves in the crucible of combat. And I think this very different outlook on life really comes through when playing the army on the tabletop.”

The limited-edition Northkin Force Box is available for $189.99 MSRP and contains an eight-page Northkin Primer, which introduces players to the theme force background and rules.

As with all theme force releases, the Northkin Forces is being further supported in the all-new No Quarter Prime magazine, launching alongside of the Northkin Theme Force in November. No Quarter Prime #2 (street date November 22) includes an extensive feature covering in depth the history, culture, and warrior traditions of the Northkin. The theme force feature also includes the rules for the theme force, all-new scenarios and game-modifying rules inspired by the theme force, and a squad list that allows players to play the theme in Company of Iron, Privateer Press’s brand-new skirmish game for WARMACHINE and HORDES, which was released in October of this year.

The Northkin models and army box are available now from Privateer Press and local game stores.

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