Privateer Press Discontinues Packaged Stat Cards


Contact: Jackson Wood, Marketing Manager, Privateer Press,, 425-625-2380

Discontinuation of Packaged Stat Cards

April 14, 2017
Bellevue, WA — Privateer Press has discontinued the inclusion of physical stat cards in non-starter products for the WARMACHINE & HORDES miniatures games. Beginning this month, updated cards can be found and downloaded for free at

This change has been made alongside the Community Integrated Development (CID) initiative to ensure that Privateer Press can make changes to the game when necessary for the long-term benefit of WARMCHINE & HORDES. The CID process is conducted through the CID forums at

“We are confident this new system will prove to be popular with players because of the accuracy with which the game rules can be maintained during expanding releases in the future, ” said Chief Creative Officer Matt Wilson. “It will also benefit retailers, who will no longer need to be concerned about whether or not product on the shelf has the correct information for the current game edition. All stat cards will be available online in their most current form, so all product on the shelf will technically be current. No more card swapping will be necessary, ever.”

Removing the need to include printed rules with models allows Privateer Press to ensure a consistent and accurate gaming environment, critical to maintaining a thriving community focused on organized play.

Privateer Press currently offers all stat cards through the War Room 2 companion app for players who desire army construction functionality on a mobile device. Privateer has also been working diligently on increasing the options available to players who desire physical stat cards. While cards for new releases are currently available at, Privateer will also soon be releasing for free a comprehensive online card database that will allow multiple cards to be selected then compiled onto a single PDF for ease of print and use. A Print-on-Demand option will also be available in the future for those who desire physically printed cards.

Updated cards can currently be found at

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WARMACHINE and HORDES are dynamic, 32 mm tabletop miniatures games set in the steam-powered science-fiction/fantasy world of the Iron Kingdoms. WARMACHINE and HORDES use the same rules and can be played independently or against each other, differing in the range of factions available in each game, and the manner in which each side wages war. In WARMACHINE, each player commands an army of detailed miniatures, including a warcaster, an elite soldier-sorcerer who possesses arcane power and the ability to mentally control a force of steam-powered mechanical automatons known as warjacks, and supporting soldiers. In HORDES, players command of a battle mage known as a warlock who can control an army of powerful warbeasts and warriors into combat.
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