Privateer Press Announces Art of Privateer Press Kickstarter

Privateer Press Announces Kickstarter Launch of THE ART OF PRIVATEEER PRESS Book

January 14, 2019

Bellevue, WA — Privateer Press has announced that on Monday, January 14, it will launch a Kickstarter campaign for The Art of Privateer Press, an art book requested by fans of Privateer Press’ games for nearly 20 years. Illustrations will come from Privateer’s multiple fantasy and science-fiction worlds, including the Iron Kingdoms, WARMACHINE, HORDES, Level 7, and more. In addition to a full-color hardback—with a minimal page count of 144 pages and a final page count determined by pledges that unlock stretch goals—the campaign will also include a preview miniature, J.A.I.M., otherwise known as the Iron Maiden, from a future Privateer Press game and, at higher levels, sketchbooks of concept art pieces, some of which have never been published before.

The campaign will launch January 14 and run through January 25. Privateer Press expects to ship the preview miniature in May and the sketchbooks and book itself in fall 2019.

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“We’ve intended to do this book for many years now,” says Privateer Press’ owner and Chief Creative Officer Matt Wilson. “Players, fans, and art collectors have been asking since we launched WARMACHINE for compilations of the illustrations we provide to bring life to our worlds. Now, thousands of images later, we’re ready to bring some of the best pieces together in one special edition.”

Backers will find a wide variety of different pledge levels to consider—from digital content to limited-edition sketchbook options, all of which include the Iron Maiden miniature. The miniature itself has been designed to be playable in every WARMACHINE and HORDES game Faction to ensure the broadest appeal to players, and all backers will have their names included in the book’s dedication.

The Art of Privateer Press Kickstarter campaign can be found beginning January 14 at

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