Iron Kingdoms Unleashed Adventure Kit Available in Stores Now


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'Iron Kingdoms Unleashed Adventure Kit' Available in Stores Now

BELLEVUE, WA, March 18, 2015 – The Iron Kingdoms Unleashed Adventure Kit, the first product for the highly anticipated new Iron Kingdoms Unleashed Roleplaying Game series, released today in game stores everywhere. The Adventure Kit is also available online from Privateer Press and can be purchased by visiting

Iron Kingdoms Unleashed shares a setting with the multiple ENnie award-winning Iron Kingdoms Full Metal Fantasy Roleplaying Game, and the two systems are fully compatible. Iron Kingdoms Unleashed defies traditional fantasy RPG tropes by casting the players in the roles of monsters, where they are the hero-protagonists. Gatormen and bipedal warthogs, among other wild races, are the good guys in Unleashed, battling the encroaching forces of humans threatening their way of life. The Iron Kingdoms Unleashed Adventure Kit includes a 32-page adventure and 32-page rulebook, four pregenerated characters, 14 detailed plastic figures, and nine double-sided map tiles. The box includes everything four players and one Game Master need to play right away.

Following this release, the Iron Kingdoms Unleashed Roleplaying Game: Core Rules book releases April 22. This 480-page book—the biggest single volume Privateer has ever published—contains the complete rules for Iron Kingdoms Unleashed, with options for character creation spanning eight monster races and a multitude of careers; rules for controlling warbeasts the way warlocks do in HORDES; tools for crafting powerful talismans; and a guide to surviving the harsh wilderness, plus in-depth setting information that details previously unexplored parts of the Iron Kingdoms.

“The Iron Kingdoms Unleashed Adventure Kit is not just a fantastic introductory roleplaying experience for people who want to let loose their predatory instincts and embrace their wild side,” said William Shick, Director of Business and Brand Development for Privateer Press, “it’s also an incredible toolset for players to create exciting encounters in the wilds of the Iron Kingdoms. Once this adventure is complete, you’ve got everything you need to embark on the next!”

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