Full Catalog of WARMACHINE and HORDES Stat Cards Now Online

Contact: Jackson Wood, Marketing Manager, Privateer Press, jackson@privateerpress.com, 425-625-2380

Full Catalog of WARMACHINE and HORDES Stat Cards Now Online
June 23, 2017

Bellevue, WA — Privateer Press announces the completion of its online stat card database for WARMACHINE and HORDES. All cards for all models that currently exist can now be found and downloaded for free at cards.privateerpress.com. In addition to all cards now available online for free, all rules for WARMACHINE and HORDES can be downloaded for free at privateerpress.com/rules. Printed stat cards are no longer included with models.

Star Cards for future model releases will be added to the database on the day the models are first made available for purchase and will coincide with War Room 2 updates. A Card Version List is available at privateerpress.com/rules, providing players with a reference document of any recent changes or additions to the card database.

”The online card database provides WARMACHINE and HORDES players with a free, easy-to-use resource that ensures the stats and rules for any models they’re playing are always current and up to date,” said Chief Creative Officer Matt Wilson. “By leveraging the available technology, we have given WARMACHINE and HORDES the comparative agility of online games, allowing us to respond quickly with adjustments to rules or stats in order to maintain a smooth and consistent competitive-play environment while eliminating the need for players to reference the errata documents that plague tabletop gaming.”

Players using the card database can search by Faction and can easily filter by model type then select and compile cards into a single PDF for ease of printing and personal use. Card lists can also be sent to friends using a shareable URL provided on the website.

Privateer Press currently offers stat cards through the War Room 2 companion app for players who desire army construction functionality on a mobile device.

For players who prefer physically printed cards, Privateer Press will soon offer a Print-on-Demand option through a third party service.

“We’ve made all our rules and stat cards available for free because we don't we don’t want to just provide the bare essentials for free and then expect our players to buy a bunch of books to actually play the game. Instead, we've worked hard on creating these free digital resources and tools so that every WARMACHINE and HORDES player has immediate and easy access to all the rules they need to play the game without throwing up unnecessary hassle or barriers to hold them back,” said Director of Business Development, Will Shick.

Free rules can currently be found at privateerpress.com/rules.
Up-to-date cards can be found at cards.privateerpress.com.

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WARMACHINE and HORDES are dynamic, 32 mm tabletop miniatures games set in the steam-powered science-fiction/fantasy world of the Iron Kingdoms. WARMACHINE and HORDES use the same rules and can be played independently or against each other, differing in the range of factions available in each game, and the manner in which each side wages war. In WARMACHINE, each player commands an army of detailed miniatures, including a warcaster, an elite soldier-sorcerer who possesses arcane power and the ability to mentally control a force of steam-powered mechanical automatons known as warjacks, and supporting soldiers. In HORDES, players command of a battle mage known as a warlock who can control an army of powerful warbeasts and warriors into combat.
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