Power Up Your Download

Last week, Devastation brought new forces to the fight. Now it's War Room's turn to get rearmed for the front lines.

In the coming weeks, War Room will be opening up 500 beta test spots for each of the three major platforms: iOS, Android, and Amazon devices. Among the many major improvements, the user interface (UI) is being completely redone to provide more intuitive controls, better access points, and a more visual and smooth site. Users will be able to tag their armies, making it easier to find exactly the list they are looking for. Collection support has also been updated, allowing users to keep track of how many of each model they have, as well as indicate which models are painted, making it easier to determine which models they have ready to show off at the local game store.

These are the first wave of what is being rolled out in the beta testing. As new features are added, we will keep you up to date. Furthermore, you can track progress and ask questions in our new sub-forum dedicated to the War Room beta. We will be announcing the opening of the beta spots and where to sign up soon, so keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter accounts for these announcements.