Out of the Storm, Into the Wild: Larry Correia’s Second Malcontents Novel Due in February


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Into the Wild, sequel to best-selling Iron Kingdoms novel Into the Storm, coming in February!

BELLEVUE, WA, January 11, 2016 – Into the Wild, the new novel by acclaimed author Larry Correia, will be available in February from Skull Island eXpeditions! The second book in the Malcontents series, Into the Wild picks up the story begun in Correia’s previous entry in the series, Into the Storm.

The Malcontents are back in action! Now under the leadership of the reluctant Lieutenant Kelvan Cleasby, the Sixth Platoon of Storm Knights has been ordered to accompany an archeological expedition from the Royal Cygnaran University deep into the Wyrmwall Mountains to investigate an ancient site of potentially great historical value. But what seems a simple enough assignment rapidly turns into a test of the platoon’s survival skills—an abandoned fort, the lone survivor of a horrifying attack, and a ferociously territorial tribe may be more than even the Malcontents can handle…

“Larry Correia is a wonderful storyteller,” said Michael G. Ryan, director of publications for Privateer Press and Skull Island eXpeditions. “His sense of humor comes out right from the beginning when Cleasby meets the pompous Professor Conrad Wynn to get his marching orders. And while Cleasby is a more by-the-book sort of leader than Sir Madigan was, the stakes are once again higher than anyone could see coming—and Cleasby’s skills will be put to the test.”

And of course, Ryan noted, it wouldn’t be a Malcontents novel if the mercenary Savio Montero Acosta didn’t join in the bloody battles to come.

Into the Wild will be available through your local game store and at Amazon.com in February 2016.

E-book available through the Skull Island eXpeditions website (skullislandx.com), the Kindle Store, Barnes and Noble.com, iBooks, and DriveThruRPG!

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