Organized Play

Privateer Press strongly believes in the benefits of organized play and has created one of the best programs in the industry. Organized play encourages growth, builds player community, and gives players a chance to compete against each other in an exciting, high-energy environment. These links are designed to help players, event organizers, and retailers locate the information they need to participate in and run events. League rules, tournament rules, and kit order forms are just a few of the helpful tidbits in these pages.

The No Quarter Armory compilation provides you with a vast array of templates for use with WARMACHINE and HORDES. Bring your battles to life with these graphical representations of many common in-

In Masters tournaments, players face off to prove that they are a master of their WARMACHINE or HORDES faction. In this format players bring multiple lists of their chosen faction, and battle over

So far, Privateer Press has two exciting book release events lined up for 2015. WARMACHINE will see the release of Vengeance and HORDES will follow with Exigence. To celebrate these battle-packed