Winter Rampage 2018

Winter Rampage is a fun-filled single-day event for WARMACHINE and HORDES that celebrates a New Year of tabletop carnage, ushered in by the “12 Factions of Christmas” model releases.

Winter Rampage is all about the spirit of giving and receiving . . . “gifts.” Players will be able to not only influence the outcome of their own games but also earn the chance to affect other players’ games throughout the event with special “presents” filled with cheer and/or devastation.

Wins and losses are not tracked in Winter Rampage, as this event is purely for the fun of the game, but participants can earn special promo cards as described in the rules document.

Winter Rampage 2018 Event rules can be found here.

Prize kits can be purchased through distribution or through our online store with a registered retail account: Store Link