Winter Rampage 2019

Winter Rampage is a casual single-day event for WARMACHINE and HORDES ushering in a new narrative chapter set within the Iron Kingdoms that will culminate at Lock & Load GameFest 2019.

The story begins in Llael during the dead of winter. The snowcovered fields outside of Riversmet are stained with soot and blood as an armored column of Crucible Guard forces marches toward the city. The time of Llael’s liberation—or the final fall of its Resistance—is now. Will you join forces with Khador to maintain the imperial occupation of Llael, or will you help free the tattered nation from the Motherland’s grasp? The choice is yours!

Players will not only influence the outcome of their own games but also the outcome of the overall narrative that carries on during the next narrative Organized Play event. Whether Khador holds its grip on Llael or begins to lose ground is in the hands of the players. After each event, players can report whether they won or lost their games online with the global results determining the next chapter in this epic war story. Additionally, participants can earn special prizes just for playing at their local venue!

Winter Rampage 2019 Event rules can be found here.

The Final Acts of War Begin...

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Prize kits can be purchased through distribution or through our online store with a registered retail account: Store Link