Stormbreak is a one-month narrative league for WARMACHINE and HORDES that is part of the larger narrative event centered on the occupation (and potential liberation) of Llael. The previous chapter of this event was Winter Rampage 2019, in which players affected the outcome of the battle at Riversmet. Stormbreak focuses on the next major battle in this saga, the Siege of Merwyn.

The imperial occupants of Llael, Khador, are constructing something that could change the face of war in the Iron Kingdoms forever. Utilizing technology stolen from Zu, Khadoran engineers are building a super-weapon in the city of Merwyn. As a result, the city is completely locked down by the Khadoran Invaders—the only way the Llaelese Liberators can hope to stop the construction of this super-weapon is through war. Of course, not everyone converging on Merwyn has Llael’s best interests at heart—some care only about their own ill-gotten gains, Opportunists looking to make quick coin off the suffering of others.

As a participant, you must decide which Agenda you will join: the imperial Invaders, the vengeful Liberators, or the cunning Opportunists. The results of your battles will massively affect the final narrative event in this saga at Lock & Load GameFest 2019, an event that will decide the ultimate fate of Llael.

Wins and losses are reported online each week, the global results determining the overall winning Agenda of this event. In-store participants can earn special Tank Commander participation patches by playing league games throughout the event.

Stormbreak rules can be found here.

Prize kits can be purchased through distribution, or our online store (viewable only when logged into a registered retail account) here.