Steamroller Tournaments

In Steamroller tournaments, players face off in a series of games and pit their skills against a gauntlet of opponents to determine who will emerge victorious. Steamroller is ideal for groups of 8 to 128 players and promotes fast and furious play while stressing the ability to adapt to a variety of scenarios.

Official Steamroller Tournament Rules

The new Steamroller document has been updated with additional scenarios and rules for playing in Steamroller tournaments. Event organizers need this document to organize their events, and players will want to familiarize themselves with the contents, including rules and expectations. Event organizers are encouraged to use any of the variants listed in the appendix to make each Steamroller Tournament unique and enjoyable to players.

Steamroller Prize Support

Privateer Press uses a prize support format that allows event organizers various options to help keep players excited about the prizes offered in your tournaments. With that in mind, we offer three different starting points for retailers who would like to offer our official prizes.

Basic Steamroller Kit

The basic Steamroller kits are intended for use in areas that are expecting fewer than eight players to participate in a Steamroller event. This free kit is great for retailers just starting to participate in our organized play program and is the perfect addition for those who want an "official" Privateer Press touch to include with local prize support. Each Steamroller kit contains first-, second-, and third-place certificates and can be ordered using the Steamroller kit order form.

Steamroller Pin Kit

Reward the top players with special Privateer Pins Steamroller prizes for your WARMACHINE and HORDES Steamroller tournaments!

This prize kit (PIP 99046) includes three Steamroller pins (one each for first, second, and third place finishers) and supports Steamroller tournaments with any number of players.

Steamroller Best Painted / Best Sport Add-On Pin Kit

This kit allows you to expand your Steamroller events to include the Best Painted and Best Sportsman award categories.

This prize kit (PIP 99144) includes two Steamroller optional prize pins (Best Painted and Best Sport) for events of any size.

Steamroller Premium Medal Kit

For Steamroller events with a large player attendance or special events such as a store anniversary or charity tournament, we recommend using the Steamroller Premium Medal Kit as prizes. These high-quality medals are awarded to players finishing 1st–3rd in the event and are some of the highest quality prizes a player can hope to earn when competing in a WARMACHINE and HORDES event.

This prize kit (PIP 99145) includes three Steamroller prize medals (1st place finish, 2nd place finish, and 3rd place finish) for events of any size. The three medals replace the previous trophies.