Playtest Application and Instructions

Thank you for showing interest in the playtest program! Submit your feedback sample and the rest of the information requested in this document to The title of your email should be “Playtest Application from (your city and country).”

All of your feedback needs to be submitted at once. Gather all of the feedback from each member of your group and organize it into a single document attached to the application email. You will also need to answer the questions below and attach them as a separate document.

Remember, your group is being tested on its ability to communicate clearly and concisely. A large wall of text without paragraphs or organization is not a good way to present your feedback.

In addition to your sample of playtest feedback, we will need the following contact information filled out for each member of the group:

Phone #:

Application Questions

The group as a whole should answer the following questions collaboratively:

1: Are you able to commit to organizing and running 3–4 playtest sessions each month?

2: How much experience do you have with WARMACHINE and HORDES?

3: How familiar are you with the Iron Kingdoms history and setting?

4: Why do you want to be playtesters?

5: What do you believe is fundamental for good playtest feedback?

6: Name three reasons a warjack could not Power Up (not including a destroyed warcaster or warjack).

7: A warjack has three melee weapons: two fists and a tusk. During its Combat Action, the warjack makes two initial fist attacks and then spends a focus to buy another fist attack before making its initial tusk attack. Is this a legal action? Can the warjack still make its initial tusk attack?

8: A model declares a spray attack targeting an enemy model in a forest. The spray template also covers another model that is completely on the opposite side of the forest and not in the attacking model’s LOS. What happens to the attack against the model on the opposite side of the forest?

9: Can a model perform a free strike during the same turn it was field promoted?

10: A knocked down warjack has an ability that allows it to advance 3˝ during the Maintenance Phase. The warjack has a functional cortex and is in its warcaster’s control area at the beginning of the turn. Can this warjack shake off knockdown and advance before it activates? Explain your answer.

11: During the Maintenance Phase, a model with Tough that cannot be knocked down is disabled due to a Fire continuous effect damage roll. The model passes its Tough check. How is the model’s activation this turn affected?

12: A dragoon is dismounted during its activation by an enemy free strike before it completes its movement or begins its Combat Action. Can the dismounted dragoon model continue moving? Does the dismounted dragoon model get to make its initial attacks during its Combat Action? Explain your answer.