Company of Iron

Company of Iron is Privateer Press’ special six-week league for Spring 2016. Unlike a typical four-season league, Company of Iron is not tied to specific dates; it can be run at any time until the new full league schedule begins in August.

Company of Iron provides a casual format in which players battle against each other using unique league rules, scenarios, and battlefields. This league will provide weeks of entertainment for both novice and veteran players as well as hobbyists as they play games, paint models, and retell epic battles from across Immoren.

This league focuses on famous (or in some cases infamous) platoons of soldiers prowling the blood-soaked battlefields of western Immoren. Players take charge of these unique platoons, hone their skills through combat, and attempt to dominate their opponents.

A set of unique prizes representing the various platoons featured in Company of Iron will be available for each of the WARMACHINE and HORDES factions. The player who performs the best in each faction throughout the league will claim that faction’s prize at the end of the season.

In addition to standard games of WARMACHINE and HORDES, players will also be able to participate in Platoon Skirmish scenarios. In these small-scale scenarios, players face off using only a small group of soldiers who battle without the aid of a warcaster or warlock!