Path of Devastation is Privateer Press’ 2015 league, consisting of four seasons with each season spanning four weeks. The league format is ideal for groups of eight or more players who regularly meet at a hobby store or gaming club where they can play whenever they wish. Each league requires an Event Organizer (EO), who is responsible for tracking players’ game results.

The Path of Devastation league is a casual format in which players battle against each other using unique league rules and scenarios. The league will provide weeks of entertainment for both novice and veteran players as well as hobbyists as they play games, paint models, and interact with the unique maps and features of Path of Devastation.

Path of Devastation is a year-long adventure that explores the war-torn lands of western Immoren. The Iron Kingdoms are wracked with escalating warfare, strife, and adversity. Dragons terrorize the skies in numbers unseen for centuries, mind slavers rise from beneath the earth to abduct innocent civilians, and machine cultists raise bizarre towers where once stood thriving villages. It is a dangerous time to be alive.

Each season, players travel to a devastated area and battle for control of what few resources remain. Each game played assists in the global efforts of all league players to unlock spoilers and claim victory for their chosen faction. This epic tale will unfold in new stories accompanying each season, interactive online maps, and the tabletop battles themselves.

  • Season 1: Riven Bonds March 2 - March 29
  • Season 2: Broken Roads May 4 - May 31
  • Season 3: Shattered Lives August 3 - August 30
  • Season 4: Fallen Heroes November 2 - November 29

  • Damage Report

    The Damage Survey is the league map for Path of Devastation and is an important element of the league system. This online map is updated to show the progress of each faction over the course of the league.


    Each season players have the opportunity to customize a faction model as their personal Hero. The season rules document lists the available Hero model for each faction.

    New Ways to Play

    For the first time ever you can earn experience points to customize your Hero by playing WARMACHINE, HORDES, High Command, and the Iron Kingdoms Full Metal Fantasy Roleplaying Game!

    Prize Kits

    Each Path of Devastation core kit includes 8 participation pins, and each reinforcement kit contains 4 participation pins.