Scars of Caen is Privateer Press’ 2014 league, consisting of four seasons with each season spanning four weeks. The league format is ideal for groups of eight or more players who regularly meet at a hobby store or gaming club where they can play whenever they wish. Each league requires an Event Organizer (EO), who is responsible for tracking players’ game results.

Scars of Caen provides a casual format in which players battle against each other while also fighting to claim victory for their chosen global team. This league will provide weeks of entertainment for novice and veteran players as well as hobbyists as they play games, paint models, and interact with the unique maps and displays of Scars of Caen.

Scars of Caen is a year-long adventure that explores the consequences of the events of the 2013 league, Machinations. Many of the vital ley lines within western Immoren have been damaged by the recent rise of the Convergence of Cyriss. Normally these rivers of natural power would heal themselves over time, but the increased activity of the immortal dragons has spread their terrible blight to new regions, stunting the restoration process.

Each season, players travel to a blighted ley line and choose which of two global teams they will support. A player can choose to become a Purist, seeking to eradicate the blight and restore balance to the land, or an Opportunist, seeking to exploit and profit from the blighted area. Each hard-fought victory not only moves a player closer to becoming his team’s local venue champion but also assists in the global efforts of all other players on his team to unlock spoilers throughout the year.

This epic tale will unfold in new stories that accompany each season, in store displays and online maps that players interact with, and in the tabletop battles themselves.

  • Charsaug: March 3 - March 30
  • Halfaug: May 5 - June 1
  • Scaefang: August 4 - August 31
  • Blighterghast: Nov 3 - Nov 30

  • Ley Chart

    The Ley Chart is the league map for Scars of Caen and is an important element of the league system. This online map is updated to show the progress of each team over the course of the league.

    Player Teams

    At the start of each season, players inform the EO whether they will be a Purist or an Opportunist. This decision will affect how their season model functions, what achievements they can complete, and what victory conditions they must meet when playing league scenarios.

    Spoils of War

    The Spoils of War are unique spoilers that each global team of players will attempt to reveal. Each season a new website will display two separate Spoils of War, each of which will begin the season fully locked. As EOs around the world report on their venue’s battles, the players’ victories will count toward global requirements for unlocking each Spoil.

    Season Models and Fiction

    Each league season features new stories from Privateer Press. During league play, players have the opportunity to field some of the unique heroes and villains found within these stories. The rules for these season models are in each season’s rules document.

    League Kits

    Each Scars of Caen core kit will include eight participation patches, a league poster, a Purist champion medal, and an Opportunist champion medal. Each Scars of Caen reinforcement kit w ill include four participation patches.

    Scars of Caen Core Rules.pdf2.36 MB