Monsterpocalypse Isle of Annihilation

Isle of Annihilation is a league celebrating the launch of Monsterpocalypse. This league takes place on the Isle of Annihilation, a sunny island resort best known for its sandy beaches, four-star hotels, and enormous active volcano.

All participants in the league will receive the Isle of Annihilation battle map for their games of Monsterpocalypse. Additionally, the top players of each Agenda will win a special prize based on wins, losses, and special achievements scored throughout the league. The league can be run for any duration as determined by the Event Organizer (EO). We recommend 2–4 weeks. The league can even be run as a single-day or weekend-long event if desired.

Isle of Annihilation rules can be found here.

Prize kits can be purchased through distribution or through our online store with a registered retail account: Store Link