Iron Gauntlet

Do you think you have what it takes to contend for the ULTIMATE title in WARMACHINE and HORDES competitive play? ENTER THE IRON GAUNTLET. Compete in Iron Gauntlet Qualifier events across the world for GLORY and a chance to earn a spot to compete against the very BEST OF THE BEST at the Iron Gauntlet: WARMACHINE & HORDES World Championship at Lock & Load GameFest 2017! In this EPIC CONFRONTATION one will emerge to claim the championship and earn the title "BEST IN THE WORLD."




Adepticon (US)
SmogCon (UK)
The Big Blue (Australia)
Warmachine Weekend (US)
Mox Mayhem (US)
KingdomCon (US)

More to come!


Lock and Load Gamefest World Finals 2016
ConVic (Australia)
GenCon (US)
Iron Moot (Sweden)
Attack X (Canada)
War Games Con (US)

Global Player Rankings

Player Name Points Region
Tom Guan 21 Australia / Asia
Jacob Van Meter 14 NA East
Aaron Wale 12 Australia / Asia
Ryan Chiriboga 12 NA West
Christopher Davies 10 Australia / Asia
Jarle Svensrud 10 Europe / Africa
Gregory Schadt 10 NA West
Bret Fogel 8 NA West
Jeremy Lee 8 NA West
Chuck Elswick 7 NA East
Adrian Stakula 7 Australia / Asia
Johan Dyrlind 7 Europe / Africa
Harrison Hare 7 NA East
Cory Doyl 7 NA West
Liam Piver 4 NA East
David Stephenson 4 Australia / Asia
Ben Swallow 4 Australia / Asia
Rickard Nielsson 4 Europe / Africa
Michael Dick 4 Europe / Africa
Joe Torcero 4 NA West
Mike Ireland 4 NA East
Matt Henemyre 4 NA East
Cory Burns 4 NA West
Aaron Allen 4 NA West
Daniel Porter 3 NA East
Julien Lesage 2 NA West
David Beauchamp 2 NA East
Jason Watt 2 NA East
Sam Ross 2 NA West
Jay Larsen 2 NA West
Jon Jensen 2 NA West
Mat Hickling 2 Australia / Asia
Luke Henry 2 Australia / Asia
Michael Blyth 2 Australia / Asia
Daniel Schmidt 2 Australia / Asia
Jonas Brand 2 Europe / Africa
Stefan Benediktsson 2 Europe / Africa
Daniel Leidermark 2 Europe / Africa
Norbert Brunhuber 2 Europe / Africa
John Voth 2 NA West
Kirk Dalton 2 NA West
Casey Roberts 2 NA West
Justin Boyd 2 NA West
Larry Paladin 2 NA East
David Fox 2 NA East
Rob McCarty 2 NA East
Anddrew Lericos 2 NA East
Jeff Everitt 2 NA West
Dan Hope 2 NA West
Brynn Holdstock 2 NA West
Robert F 2 NA West
Briane White 1 NA East
Charles Soong 1 NA East
Blake Hoppess 1 NA East
Zach Watson 1 NA East
Aaron Devost 1 NA East
Andrew Hartley 1 NA East
Tim Robertson 1 NA East
Charles Collins 1 NA East
Trevor Christensen 1 NA West
Jerome Casado 1 Australia / Asia
David Haidon 1 Australia / Asia
Henry Wagner 1 Australia / Asia
Alex McDonald 1 Australia / Asia
David Garmory 1 Australia / Asia
Dean Durant 1 Australia / Asia
Cameron Bennett 1 Australia / Asia
Grant Luke 1 Australia / Asia
Gustav Linderup 1 Europe / Africa
Olov Winroth 1 Europe / Africa
Nicholas Lohrmann 1 Europe / Africa
Sverre Reikvam 1 Europe / Africa
Ville Pakkonen 1 Europe / Africa
David Gustafsson 1 Europe / Africa
Morten Gran 1 Europe / Africa
Amund Stokke 1 Europe / Africa
Martin MacGreggor 1 NA West
Adam Lebo 1 NA West
Lane Ware 1 NA West
Carter Ware 1 NA West
Steve Carracio 1 NA West
Jordan Braun 1 NA West
Nicholas Coruso 1 NA East
Anthony Gibbs 1 NA East
Cameron Zareie 1 NA East
Ryan Murray 1 NA East
Zander Kandalaft 1 NA East
Anthony Acosta 1 NA East
Trevor Attridge 1 NA East
Steve Fitzpatrick 1 NA East
Chris Dancocks 1 NA West
Aaron Alcock 1 NA West
Andrew Swedberg 1 NA West
Jonas Soldberg 1 NA West
Josh Richter 1 NA West
Garentt Germain 1 NA West
Gerry Hodson 1 NA West

Region Map

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