Iron Gauntlet

Do you think you have what it takes to contend for the ULTIMATE title in WARMACHINE and HORDES competitive play? ENTER THE IRON GAUNTLET. Compete in Iron Gauntlet Qualifier events across the world for GLORY and a chance to earn a spot to compete against the very BEST OF THE BEST at the Iron Gauntlet: WARMACHINE & HORDES World Championship at Lock & Load GameFest 2015! In this EPIC CONFRONTATION one will emerge to claim the championship and earn the title "BEST IN THE WORLD."


Global Player Rankings

Player Name Points Region
Jay Larsen 22 America West
Ryan Chiriboga 17 America West
Keith Christianson 14 America West
Mike Puryear 10 America West
Christofer Wedding 10 Europe/Africa
Jamie Perkins 10 Europe/Africa
Rickard Nilson 9 Europe/Africa
Scott Wray 8 America West
Trent Denison 7 Asia/Australia
Rickard Nilson 7 Europe/Africa
Michael Dick 7 Europe/Africa
Jason Watt 6 America East
Trevor Christensen 6 America West
Jordan Braun 5 America West
Tom Guan 4 America West
Jason Flanzer 4 America West
Christian Metz 4 Europe/Africa
Johan Dyrlind 4 Europe/Africa
David Beauchamp 4 America East
Elliot Kimpton 4 Europe/Africa
Darren Longworth 4 Europe/Africa
Ben Moussasu 4 America West
Colin Hill 3 America West
Daniel Knauss 3 Europe/Africa
Jake Van Meter 2 America East
Brandon Cating 2 America West
Jordan Nach 2 America West
Marc Taylor 2 America West
David Smith 2 America West
Ben Andraka 2 America West
Brian Marino 2 America West
Alexander Baues 2 Europe/Africa
Gerrit Ontwitter 2 Europe/Africa
Martin Hornacek 2 Europe/Africa
Dirk Mannweiler 2 Europe/Africa
Herman Orgeron 2 America East
Matt Clark 2 America East
Joshua Jordan 2 America East
Thomas York 2 America East
Duncan Harradine 2 Europe/Africa
Jun Chan 2 Europe/Africa
Matt Goligher 2 Europe/Africa
Rob Obryners 2 America West
Rob Obryners 2 America West
Mike Benson 2 America West
Charles Arrasmith 1 America West
Chris Green 1 America West
Jake Hoffman 1 America East
James Moorhouse 1 Asia/Australia
Craig Conroy 1 America West
Jesse Garret 1 America West
Cody Koeninger 1 America West
Brandon Richards 1 America West
Will Pagani 1 America West
Joel Fadin 1 Europe/Africa
Omar Alvarado 1 America East
Nate White 1 America West
Jeff Jahr 1 America East
Tom Mclaughlin 1 America East
Zach Watson 1 America East
Peter Bates 1 Europe/Africa
Andy McBirnie 1 Europe/Africa
Andrew Weir 1 Europe/Africa
Ryan Evans 1 Europe/Africa
Martin Jenkins 1 Europe/Africa
Daniel Sims 1 Europe/Africa
Andy Garrard 1 Europe/Africa
Steven Phillmore 1 Europe/Africa
Adam Tricola 1 America West
Robert Rauth 1 America East

Upcoming Iron Gauntlet 2014 - 2015 Qualifier Tournaments: Warmachine Weekend 2014 (US), TempleCon 2015 (US), SmogCon 2015 (UK), Adepticon 2015 (US), CanCon 2015 (AU), Iron Moot 2014 (Sweden), Kingdom Con 2015 (US), Southern Ontario Open 2015 (Canada)

Many more qualifying events will be announced soon!

*Current standings include results from: Lock and Load GameFest 2014 World Finals, Texas War Games Con 2014, RatCon 2014 (Germany), GenCon 2014 (US), UK Nationals 2014 (EU) and Feast of Blades 2014 (US)

Region Map