Iron Gauntlet

Do you think you have what it takes to contend for the ULTIMATE title in WARMACHINE and HORDES competitive play? ENTER THE IRON GAUNTLET. Compete in Iron Gauntlet Qualifier events across the world for GLORY and a chance to earn a spot to compete against the very BEST OF THE BEST at the Iron Gauntlet: WARMACHINE & HORDES World Championship at Lock & Load GameFest 2015! In this EPIC CONFRONTATION one will emerge to claim the championship and earn the title "BEST IN THE WORLD."


Global Player Rankings

Player Name Points Region
Jeremy Lee 17 America West
Matthew Lee 10 America West
Trent Denison 7 Asia/Australia
David Beauchamp 4 America East
David Smith 4 America West
Julien Lesage 4 America West
Robert Perkins 4 America West
Mike Puryear 2 America West
Jason Watt 2 America East
Jamie Perkins 2 Europe/Africa
Matt Shoup 2 America West
Brynn Holdstock 2 America West
Kirk Dalton 2 America West
Matthew Jacobson 2 America West
Karl Jones 2 America West
Billy Robin 2 America West
Tom Guan 1 America West
Jay Larsen 1 America West
Keith Christianson 1 America West
Rickard Nilson 1 Europe/Africa
Ryan Chiriboga 1 America West
Brian Marino 1 America West
Thomsa Hassel 1 America West
Olov Winroth 1 Europe/Africa
Michael Dick 1 Europe/Africa
Doug Shannon 1 America West
Joseph Swiger 1 America West
Jack Ratley 1 America West
David Urbin 1 America West
Daniel Yount 1 America West

Upcoming Iron Gauntlet 2015 - 2016 Qualifier Tournaments: GenCon 2015 (US), RatCon 2015 (Germany), NOVA Open 2015 (US), Iron Moot 2015 (Sweden), Warmachine Weekend 2015 (US), CanCon 2016 (AU), TempleCon 2016 (US), SmogCon 2016 (UK), Adepticon 2016 (US), KingdomCon 2016 (US), CATCON 2015 (Spain), Perth Championship 2016 (AU) and many more to come!.

*Current standings include results from: Lock and Load Gamefest 2015 World Finals, and Wargames Con 2015 (US)

Region Map