Iron Gauntlet

Do you think you have what it takes to contend for the ULTIMATE title in WARMACHINE and HORDES competitive play? ENTER THE IRON GAUNTLET. Compete in Iron Gauntlet Qualifier events across the world for GLORY and a chance to earn a spot to compete against the very BEST OF THE BEST at the Iron Gauntlet: WARMACHINE & HORDES World Championship at Lock & Load GameFest 2014! In this EPIC CONFRONTATION one will emerge to claim the championship and earn the title "BEST IN THE WORLD."


2013-2014 Upcoming Qualifiers

Kingdom Con 2014
San Diego, CA
April 24 - 27

Global Player Rankings

Player Name Points Region
Keith Christianson 20 America West
Daniel Knauss 18 Europe/Africa
Charles Arrasmith 16 America West
Jay Larsen 14 America West
Jason Watt 13 America East
Jake Van Meter 12 America East
Colin Hill 10 America West
Andy McBirnie 10 Europe/Africa
Robin Maukisch 10 Europe/Africa
Jan Souza 10 Europe/Africa
Trent Denison 10 Asia/Australia
Trevor Attridge 10 America East
Martin Hornacek 10 Europe/Africa
Jordon Nach 10 America West
Brandon Cating 9 America West
Chris Green 9 America West
Emiliano Traversi 9 Europe/Africa
Jake Hoffman 8 America East
Christofer Wedding 8 Europe/Africa
James Moorhouse 8 Asia/Australia
Walter Langedorf 6 America East
Liam Jordan 6 Europe/Africa
Tobias Voigt 6 Europe/Africa
Dan Riker 6 America East
Torbjorn Hansson 6 Europe/Africa
Christopher Davies 6 Asia/Australia
David Thomas 6 Europe/Africa
David Chandler 5 America East
Richard Valiquette 5 America East
Endre Fodstad 4 Europe/Africa
Josef Skladanka 4 Europe/Africa
Dean Booth 4 Europe/Africa
Bartholomäus Dobrzanski 4 Europe/Africa
Gord Weppler 4 America West
Jakob Oskarsson 4 Europe/Africa
Michael Blyth 4 Asia/Australia
Nathan Hoole 4 Europe/Africa
Jay Mcleod 4 America East
John Demaris 3 America West
James Russel 2 America West
Tony Moore 2 Europe/Africa
Vladimir Kokolia 2 Europe/Africa
Martyn Jenkins 2 Europe/Africa
Adam Yates 2 Europe/Africa
John Richards 2 America West
Cory Hockman 2 America East
James Preusser 2 America West
Craig Cassata 2 America West
Mark Stanley 2 America East
Matthias  Adolph 2 Europe/Africa
Alexander Baues 2 Europe/Africa
Sebastian Potthoff 2 Europe/Africa
Leif Barleben 2 Europe/Africa
Treynor Wolfe 2 America West
Johan Persson 2 Europe/Africa
Andreas Holm 2 Europe/Africa
Jaakko Uusitupa 2 Europe/Africa
Dan Alf 2 Europe/Africa
Daniel Schmidt 2 Asia/Australia
Errien Teunisse 2 Asia/Australia
Andrew Haidon 2 Asia/Australia
David Stephenson 2 Asia/Australia
Herman Orgeron 2 America East
Matthew Bidwell 2 America East
Martin Polak 2 Europe/Africa
Gergely Gati 2 Europe/Africa
Ben Cort 2 America East
Chuck Elswick 2 America West
Tom Guan 2 America West
James Sligar 1 America West
Billy Paulo 1 America West
Travis Toscas 1 America West
Frank Wilkerson 1 America West
Daniel Ruiz 1 America West
Cale Miller 1 America West
Ben Martin 1 Europe/Africa
Michael Kunrt 1 Europe/Africa
Kuen-Kuen Sim 1 Asia/Australia
Colin Faubert 1 America East
Marc Andre Leblanc 1 America East
Herb Mena 1 America East
Eric Nelsen 1 America East
Benjamin Füzi 1 Europe/Africa
Robert Matijasevic 1 Europe/Africa
Matthias Knöchel 1 Europe/Africa
Alfredo Vi 1 Europe/Africa
Gregor Müller-Cleve 1 Europe/Africa
Nicolai Sadowsky 1 Europe/Africa
Marvin Hamann 1 Europe/Africa
Matthew Lust 1 America West
Scott Basco 1 America East
Danny Goodner 1 America West
Kurt Hindman 1 America West
Dan Smilek 1 America East
Trevor Christensen 1 America West
Stefan Benediktsson 1 Europe/Africa
Erik Sjoberg 1 Europe/Africa
Paul Bridge 1 Europe/Africa
Benjamin Kierkegaard Kristiansen 1 Europe/Africa
Gard Andresen 1 Europe/Africa
Johan Dyrlind 1 Europe/Africa
Per Sturesson 1 Europe/Africa
Henrik Eirksson 1 Europe/Africa
Tony Djkstra 1 Asia/Australia
Luke Henry 1 Asia/Australia
Jeffrey Traish 1 Asia/Australia
Luke Brimdlecombe 1 Asia/Australia
Joshua Bates 1 Asia/Australia
Jeff Galea 1 Asia/Australia
Edward Crompton 1 Asia/Australia
Geoff Tindall 1 Asia/Australia
Thomas Hoffman 1 America East
Brett Painter 1 America East
Philip Allchin 1 America East
Brian Watson 1 America East
Benjamin Harkins 1 America East
Andrew Lericos 1 America East
Patrick Dunford 1 Europe/Africa
Aubrey Linen 1 Asia/Australia
Pavel Bednar 1 Europe/Africa
Carlo Piccini 1 Europe/Africa
Richard Godfrey 1 Europe/Africa
Robi Deola 1 Europe/Africa
Geoffrey Willoughby 1 Europe/Africa
Michael Stokes 1 America East
Matt Lust 1 America West
Patrick Quast 1 America East
Clinton Dowling 1 Asia/Australia
Tony Faber 1 America West

*Includes results from Lock and Load Gamefest 2013, GenCon 2013, UK Masters 2013, RatCon 2013, WARMACHINE Weekend 2013, Iron Moot 2013, CanCon 2014, TempleCon 2014, SmogCon 2014 and AdeptiCon 2014

Region Map

Livestream Replays

Watch the official Privateer Press broadcast of the Templecon 2014 Iron Gauntlet Qualifier Final! In this championship game Keith Christianson takes on Charles Arrasmith with commentary by Michael

Watch the official Privateer Press broadcast of the WARMACHINE Weekend 2013 Iron Gauntlet Qualifier Final! In this championship game Dan Riker takes on Colin Hill with commentary by David "DC"

Watch the official Privateer Press broadcast of the WARMACHINE Weekend 2013 Iron Gauntlet Qualifiers! In this semifinal round Colin Hill faces Jay Larsen with commentary by David "DC" Carl and

Watch the official Privateer Press broadcast of the Gen Con 2013 Iron Gauntlet Qualifier Finals! This exciting matchup between Jay Larsen and Chandler Davidson pitted Major Markus "Siege" Brisbane

Watch the first official broadcast of a live WARMACHINE and HORDES tournament. This video features the first ever Iron Gauntlet qualifier finals matchup, recorded live at Lock & Load 2013!