May 2019 Dynamic Update


Skarre, Queen of the Broken Coast

Change the text of Black Spot to:

Target enemy warrior model/unit suffers –2 DEF. When a friendly Faction model destroys one or more affected models with a basic melee or ranged attack during its Combat Action, immediately after the attack is resolved it can make one additional melee or ranged attack. Attacks gained from Black Spot cannot generate additional attacks from Black Spot.

We’ve made a small update to Black Spot to make it a bit clearer. Functionally, the change is only allowing additional attacks from attacks made during your Combat Action, whereas previously it was during your activation. That led to some edge-case scenarios that became a rules quagmire, so we made a blanket change to the spell to correct some of those problems.


Captain Bartolo Montador

Warjack points 28.

Bart wasn’t in the Privateer CID, but we got a lot of good feedback and data on him based on battle reports that included him. We’re happy with his overall rules and position, especially considering some of the new models releasing, but we wanted to give him a couple more warjack points to help bring him up to speed. Enjoy!

Fiona the Black

Cut Animosity [Morrowan].

Warjack points 27.

Change the text of Cultists to the following:

Cultists - Choose one friendly living non-Morrowan Faction unit at the beginning of the game to be Cultists. Cultists are Thamarite models. This model can upkeep one spell without spending focus if there is one or more Cultist models in formation in its control range during the Control Phase. Additionally, Cultist models do not suffer damage when spells are channeled through them as a result of Dark Rituals.

Add Dark Rituals:

Dark Rituals - This model can channel spells through friendly Faction warrior models in its control range. Immediately after a spell is channeled through a model as a result of Dark Rituals, the model it was channeled through suffers d3 points of magical damage .

Cut Affliction, Telgesh Mark. Nonkrion Brand, and Influence.

Gain Befuddle:

Befuddle                                                        2          10        –          –          –          Yes

On a hit, you can immediately advance target enemy non-warcaster, non-warlock model up to 3˝. Affected models cannot be targeted by free strikes during this movement. A model can move only once per turn as a result of Befuddle.

Gain Chasten:

Chasten                                                          2          8          –          12        –          Yes

Enemy upkeep spells and animi on target model/unit damaged by this attack expire.

Gain Curse of Veils:

Curse of Veils                                            2          8          –          –          UP       Yes

Target model/unit suffers –2 ARM and does not block LOS.

Gain Occultation:

Occultation                                                  2          6          –          –          UP       No

Target friendly Faction model/unit gains Stealth. Models are not affected while out of formation.

Change the text of Soulfire to:

Soulfire                                                        3          10        3          13        –          Yes

When a living non-soulless enemy model is boxed by Soulfire, the spellcaster gains 1 focus point and the boxed model is removed from play. If the spellcaster does not have the Focus Manipulation special rule it cannot gain a focus point as a result of Soulfire.


Fiona was the recipient of a serious overhaul in the Privateer CID. In general, we looked to smooth out her gameplay with some quality of life changes like Dark Ritual as her spell arcing tool instead of Telgesh Mark. We also drastically changed her spell list to really commit her to the spell-slinging trope. We wanted to lean into her concept as a Thamarite spellcaster, so her spell list tends to reflect control-style spells and dark or shadow-style effects. We hope you have a great time putting this re-imagined warcaster on the table!


MAT 6.

ARM 16.

Cost 7.

Gain Amphibious.


This little guy got a couple updates. Pretty much across the board, we upped the ARM on Privateer ’jacks by a point. We also gave him (and the rest of his chassis) Amphibious because, c’mon, pirate ’jacks! We also gave him a small MAT bump to give him a touch more reliability in combat. These changes did come at the cost of increasing his, uh, cost, by 1 point.


ARM 18.

As I said above with the Buccaneer, we pretty much increased the ARM on almost all of the Privateer warjacks by 1 because going into the CID, they felt just a tad soft. The Freebooter should feel a tad bit sturdier now.


Point cost 35.

Gain Power Lifter:

Power Lifter - Once per turn at any time during its activation, this model can choose one other friendly Faction large-based or smaller model within 2˝ of it. You can place that model anywhere completely within 2˝ of its current location, and if it is knocked down, it immediately stands up unless it became knocked down this turn. A model can be placed by Power Lifter only once per turn.


The long-awaited Galleon update! As we’ve been steadily reviewing Colossals and Gargantuans over the years, in many cases we’ve found them to be priced just a tad too high. For the Galleon, we brought its points down and also gave it Power Lifted to provide a bit of utility. This should give it a distinct home in armies that are looking for a bit of shooting combined with a bit of utility.


ARM 18.

Ship Gun AOE 4.

Anchor melee range 2˝.

Much like his Freebooter and Buccaneer buddies, the Mariner gained a point of ARM. Perhaps more significantly, the AOE on the Mariner’s gun went up in size, and this Good Ol’ Boy learned how to grasp the Anchor by the chain, increasing its melee range to 2˝. There are some simple dials we turned to modernize this ’jack and make him a bit more appealing in armies looking for a combined arms warjack.


The Commodore Cannon & Crew

Change the text of Limited Employment to the following:

Limited Employment - This unit can be included only in Mercenary armies that include a Privateer warcaster.


Crewmen gain Tough.


There is a slight change to Limited Employment that now specifically calls out the Commodore Cannon working only for Mercenary armies. This change was made to limit Rahera’s access to the model so that the Commodore doesn’t go on a magical adventure into Cryx armies.


Also, Privateer’s all pretty much gained Tough across the board.


The Devil’s Shadow Mutineers

Cost 7.

CMD 8.

Add Partisan [Cryx]:

Partisan [Cryx] - When included in a Cryx army, this unit is a Cryx unit instead of a Mercenary unit.

Gain Tough.

Mar’s Saber melee range 1˝.

Morland’s Cutlasses melee range 1˝.


The Devil’s Shadow got a couple of tweaks. Some point reductions and a CMD update should make them a bit easier to fit into lists and a bit easier to spread around the battlefield. We also gave their swords a bit more melee range to help them get into the enemy and do a bit more work once there.


Press Gangers

Cost 7/12.

Gain Ambush:

Ambush - You can choose not to deploy this unit at the start of the game. If it is not deployed normally, you can put it into play at the end of any of your Control Phases after your first turn. When you do, choose any table edge except the back of your opponent’s deployment zone. Place all models in this unit in formation completely within 3˝ of the chosen table edge.


Press Gangers got a point update that doesn’t change their upper end but modernizes a minimum unit. We also overhauled the theme force (see below), stripping Ambush as a benefit and just giving it to the unit baseline. This means you can Ambush a pair of units now if you’d like!


Sea Dog Deck Gun

RAT 5.

Gain Advance Deployment.

Gain Tough.


We weren’t happy with the Sea Dog Deck Gun, so we wanted to give it a few little boosts to make it more appealing. We really liked the “light gun” nature of the deck gun, and so we approached it from the perspective of giving it a bit more utility instead of just simply ramping up its damage. First, a RAT increase gives it a bit more consistency in combat, and Advance Deploy lets it be where it wants without having to drag it there first. Also, Tough!...because…Privateers!

Sea Dog Pirate Rifleman

Cost 1.

RAT 6.

Gain Tough.

Add Wild Shot 
Cut Take Up
Cut Point Blank 


Sea Dog Riflemen saw a variety of changes over the course of the CID.  These changes make them a cheap filler model with improved accuracy and the ability to fire before the unit charges into combat, giving them some flexibility.


Sea Dog Pirates

Cost 7/11.

Gain Tough.


Arr, Sea Dog Pirates got a wee bit cheaper and gained Tough. We didn’t feel the Sea Dogs needed a drastic overhaul, as all the things changing around them help elevate them a bit.


Bloody Bradigan

DEF 14.


Bloody Bradigan is a great, cheap, killy model that can easily fit into many lists, thanks to his cost. We wanted to keep that aspect, so we opted to just give him a simple little DEF increase to help him get stuck-in and stay there. Do you think he is high DEF because he is drunk and hard to hit from swaying around? Or do you think he is much higher DEF naturally, but his drunkenness lowers his DEF? The world may never know!


Bosun Grogspar

RAT 6.

Point Cost 5.

Change No Sleeping on the Job to:

No Sleeping on the Job [living Privateer] - This model and friendly living Privateer models in its command range cannot become knocked down.

Harpoon Gun gains Critical Devastation:

Critical Devastation - On a critical hit, models hit are thrown d6˝ directly away from the attacker. Roll distance once for all models affected. Models thrown do not deviate. Move models farthest from the attacker first. Instead of suffering blast damage, models hit but not directly hit suffer a damage roll with POW equal to half the POW of this weapon. The POW of collateral damage is equal to half the POW of this weapon.


Grogspar’s big change was opening No Sleeping on the Job from Sea Dog to Privateer. However, that also includes the warjacks, so it was tightened up to living Privateer. We also amped up his shooting, giving him a RAT increase and putting Critical Devastation on his harpoon because…dynamite!



Cost 5.

Cut Sucker!

Add Relentless Charge:

Relentless Charge - While advancing as part of a charge, this model gains Pathfinder .

Add Sprint:

Sprint - At the end of an activation in which it destroyed or removed from play one or more enemy models with melee attacks, this model can immediately make a full advance, then its activation ends.

Cutlasses gain Lunge:

Lunge - This weapon becomes RNG 2 during this model’s activation.


We made a bunch of tweaks to Hawk, specifically to ramp her into a deadly duelist. Sucker got dropped, thanks to other theme changes (see below), but she gained Relentless Charge and Sprint to help her get there then get out. Also, we gave her the Ashlynn treatment, giving her Lunge so she can strike from a bit farther away.


Lord Rockbottom

Replace Paymaster [Sea Dog] with Paymaster [Privateer]:


Paymaster [Privateer] - At any time during this model’s activation, you can mark one or more coin boxes on its card. For each coin box you mark, you can use Paymaster once. When you do, choose one of the following incentives. Incentives are RNG CMD and can target only friendly Privateer units. A Privateer unit can be affected by only one incentive per turn. When all five of its coin boxes have been marked, this model loses Paymaster for the rest of the game.


Change to text of Walk It Off to:

Walk It Off - If the affected models were suffering from continuous effects, knockdown, and stationary, those effects immediately expire.


You may have noticed a theme of us replacing things that reference Sea Dog into Privateer. The general idea was to open up how things interact with each other in the army and provide some deeper decision-making. Since we have added Tough to many Privateer models, we changed Walk It Off from granting Tough to encourage models in other ways.


Master Gunner Dugal MacNaile

Cut Veteran Leader.

Add Spyglass (★Action):

Spyglass (Action) - Target an enemy model in this model’s LOS. That model loses Stealth for one round.


We increased the base RAT on the Deck Guns so they’re a bit more independent. As a result, we dropped Veteran Leader from Dugal but also gave him the Spyglass action. Now he should have a variety of useful tools available to him that doesn’t necessarily tie him down to a specific model or unit type.


Swamp Gobber River Raider

Cost 1.

FA 9.


Surprise! How about some River Raider changes? Instead of purchasing a pack of River Raiders, you now purchase them as singles for 1 point per model. Because you no longer purchase a set of them, we increased their FA to accommodate the maximum number of models someone may have owned before this change.



Lord Arbiter Hexeris

Change the text of Black Spot to:

Target enemy warrior model/unit suffers –2 DEF. When a friendly Faction model destroys one or more affected models with a basic melee or ranged attack during its Combat Action, immediately after the attack is resolved it can make one additional melee or ranged attack. Attacks gained from Black Spot cannot generate additional attacks from Black Spot.


This is a simple adjustment to Black Spot’s language. Please see Skarre’s entry at the top of this page for more details.


Mad Caps

Change the text of Catastrophic Explosion to:

Catastrophic Explosion - When this model is disabled by an enemy attack, choose a point 2d6 + 3˝ from this model and roll deviation from that point, with direction 4 on the deviation template pointing directly toward the rear edge of your deployment zone. Center a 4˝ AOE on the point of impact. Then, remove this model from play. Models in the AOE suffer an unboostable POW 12 fire damage roll and the Fire continuous effect .


Catastrophic Explosion was changed to now require an enemy attack to trigger it. Some abuses were brought to our attention after testing out the Powder Monkey, which we wanted to rectify across the board, and that means the Mad Cap received this small update to its language.


Theme Forces

Mercenary Theme Force: Talion Charter

Army Composition:

Add Scallywag.

Change the First benefit to the following:

This army can also include Cryx Scharde units. These units are considered to be friendly Mercenary Privateer units instead of Cryx units and can include attachments but cannot include Ranking Officers.

Change the second benefit to the following:

For every full 25 points of Privateer models/units in this army, you can add two solo or weapon crew unit to the army free of cost. Free models/units do not count toward the total point value of Privateer models/units in the army when calculating this bonus.

Change the third benefit to the following:

Solos in this army gain Sacrificial Pawn [Sea Dog model]. (When a model with Sacrificial Pawn [Sea Dog model] is directly hit by an enemy ranged attack, you can have one friendly, non-incorporeal Sea Dog trooper model within 3˝ of it directly hit instead. That model is automatically hit and suffers all damage and effects.)

Add the following benefit:

After models are deployed at the start of the game, you can place up to two 3˝ AOEs any where on the table at least 6˝ away from the nearest enemy model. These AOES are hazards and rough terrain that remain in play for the first round of the game. A model entering or ending its activation in one of these AOEs suffers an unboostable POW 12 blast damage roll.


Talion Charter got a bunch of updates. Allowing Scharde Pirates gives the theme access to some additional units for players to explore. Additionally, we amped up the defensive tech on the solos by swapping it from Dodge to Sacrificial Pawn, which should help keep those key solos alive. We decided we wanted to add a fun thematic benefit, so we decided to give the player an opening bombardment from the Talion into the battle, which manifests as some hazards you get to put into play to funnel your opponent where you want them.