March 2018 Dynamic Update Developer's Notes

March 2018 Dynamic Update Developer’s Notes: Primal Terrors CID

Below are the adjustments we’ve made to existing models as a result of the Primal Terrors CID cycle. Thanks to all participants for your feedback on our Blighted Ogrun friends during this cycle—we truly appreciate your passion and enthusiasm!

Legion of Everblight

Absylonia, Terror of Everblight

Add the following to the end of Absylonia’s feat Panacea:

Additionally, while in Absylonia’s control range models in her battlegroup gain Rapid Healing. Panacea lasts for one round. (When a model with Rapid Healing is damaged by an enemy attack, immediately after the attack is resolved remove d3 damage points from it.)

Replace the text of the Spontaneous Mutation rule with the following:

This model can suffer damage at any time during its activation to gain one of the following special rules for each damage point suffered. This damage cannot be transferred. Each special rule lasts until the start of this model’s next activation.

Remove the spells Aggravator and Forced Evolution.

Add the spells Playing God and Refuge:

Playing God     2    6            UP    No

Target friendly living Faction warbeast is affected by Spontaneous Mutation effects while they affect Absylonia. Additionally, once per turn Absylonia can transfer damage to the affected warbeast without spending fury.

Refuge    2    6            UP    No

At the end of an activation in which target friendly Faction model hit an enemy model with an attack, the affected model can make a full advance. It cannot be targeted by free strikes during this movement.

Absylonia received a significant rework to further solidify her role as one of Legion’s primary warbeast controllers. Capable of mutating herself and her battlegroup, Absylonia provides a highly adaptive playstyle that can overcome a variety of enemy threats. The addition of Rapid Healing to her feat, along with picking up the Refuge spell, allows for defensive play not commonly seen in Legion.

Thagrosh, the Messiah

Increase SPD to 6.

Increase DEF to 14.

Increase ARM to 18.

On the Blight Fire ranged weapon, replace Damage Type: Fire with Damage Type: Magical .

Add the Sacrificial Pawn [Lesser Warbeast] rule to Thagrosh:

Sacrificial Pawn [Lesser Warbeast] – When this model is directly hit by an enemy ranged attack, you can have one friendly, non-incorporeal lesser warbeast within 3˝ of it directly hit instead. That model is automatically hit and suffers all damage and effects.

In the first sentence of the Dragon’s Blood spell, delete “non-warlock.”

Remove the spells Flesh Eater and Unnatural Aggression.

Add the spell Aggravator:

Aggravator    3    Self    Ctrl    –    UP    No

While in the spellcaster’s control range, friendly Faction warbeasts gain Hyper-Aggressive. (When a model with Hyper-Aggressive suffers damage from an enemy attack at any time except while it is advancing, after the attack is resolved it can immediately make a full advance directly toward the attacking model.)

Thagrosh 2 also went through a significant rework, primarily aimed at increasing the massive warlock’s survivability and threat extension. Thanks to increased SPD, DEF, and ARM and the addition of the Sacrificial Pawn rule, it is much easier to keep Thagrosh near the front lines and survive enemy fire.


Increase ARM to 19.

On the Dragon Breath ranged weapon, replace Critical Fire  with Continuous Effect: Fire .

Replace the text of the Draconic Aura animus with the following:

When an enemy model suffers a fire damage roll  while within 10˝ of this model, add +2 to the roll. Fire continuous effects  that affect enemy models within 10˝ of this model cannot expire. Draconic Aura lasts for one round.

In addition to increased ARM and a small but important quality-of-life change to its Dragon Breath, this gargantuan received a powerful upgrade to its animus that can define an entire Legion army’s strategy.


Reduce point post to 32.

Increase SPD to 5.

Increase MAT to 6.

Increase CMD to 6.

Replace the text of the Boiling Blood animus with the following:

When the spellcaster suffers damage as a result of an enemy melee attack, after the attack is resolved the spellcaster can make a SP 8, POW 10 ranged attack targeting the enemy attacker. Each model covered by the spray template is automatically hit and suffers the Fire continuous effect  unless this model’s LOS to it is blocked by terrain. Boiling Blood damage is simultaneous. The spellcaster can make this attack even while in melee. Boiling Blood lasts for one round.

Replace the second sentence of the Withering Ash rule with the following:

Affected enemy models without Immunity: Fire  suffer –2 DEF and lose Tough .

The Blightbringer received multiple changes to its stat line and its abilities, including a substantial points reduction, that should make it a compelling choice as a support gargantuan for infantry-based Legion armies.


Reduce point cost to 18.

Increase RAT to 5.

Add Continuous Effect: Fire to the Dragon Breath ranged weapon.

The Carnivean was not performing at a level that justified its point cost. A reduction in points and increased efficiency with its ranged attack should make this model a more satisfying choice.


Reduce point cost to 16.

Similar to the Carnivean and the Scythean, the Ravagore received a points reduction that was more appropriate for the value it brings to an army.


Reduce point cost to 16.

Like the Carnivean and Ravagore, the Scythean received a points reduction that was more in line with its true value in an army.


Reduce point cost to 20.

Replace the text of the Excessive Healing animus with the following:

The spellcaster gains Rapid Healing for one round. (When a model with Rapid Healing is damaged by an enemy attack, immediately after the attack is resolved remove d3 damage points from it.)

In addition to a points reduction, Typhon’s animus was slightly changed for rules clarity when included in an Absylonia-led army.

Blighted Ogrun Warmongers

Reduce the point cost to 8 (Leader & 2 Grunts) and 13 (Leader & 4 Grunts).

Add the Unyielding rule to the Leader & Grunts:

Unyielding – This model gains +2 ARM against melee damage rolls.

A reduction in points and the addition of the Unyielding rule should allow the Primal Terror’s core shock troops to be brought to battle in greater numbers and endure longer once they have engaged the enemy.


Add the following to the end of the Tendrils rule:

If a Tentacle in this unit moves or is placed outside this model’s command range, remove the Tentacle from play.

This rule was added to remove exploits involving the always-recurring Tentacles running across the battlefield to either become channeling targets or to block charge lanes far outside the intended footprint of the Hellmouth unit.

Warmonger War Chief

Reduce point cost to 5.

Add the Unyielding rule to the War Chief:

Unyielding – This model gains +2 ARM against melee damage rolls.

Add the Powerful Charge rule to the War Cleaver:

Powerful Charge – This model gains +2 to charge attack rolls with this weapon.

The Warmonger War Chief received a points reduction after reviewing his comparative value with other solos available in the Primal Terrors theme. He also picked up Unyielding and Powerful Charge to further increase his already fierce combat capabilities.

Theme Forces

Trollbloods Theme Force: Kriel Company

In the Army Composition section, replace “War Wagon battle engines” with “battle engines.”

This change allows the massive Hooch Hauler to be included in Kriel Company theme lists, a valuable addition in many ranged-based armies.

Legion Theme Force: Primal Terrors

Replace the first sentence of the second special rule with the following:

For every full 20 points of Blighted Ogrun and Rotwing models/units in this army, you can add one Hellmouth unit, one Blighted Ogrun command attachment, or one medium-based Blighted Ogrun solo to the army free of cost.

Replace the first sentence of the third special rule with the following:

Blighted Ogrun Warmonger and Blighted Ogrun Warspear units in this army gain Vengeance.

The Primal Terrors theme was updated to allow for easier army list construction utilizing the free model benefit. The addition of the Vengeance rule to all Warmonger and Warspear units enables the bulk of a Primal Terror fighting force to reach the enemy under heavy ranged fire, while threatening a tremendous volume of attacks once engaged.