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No Quarter Presents: Iron Kingdoms Urban Adventure Maps

No Quarter Presents: Iron Kingdoms Urban Adventure details the city of Five Fingers and presents an adventure, "Friends in High Places," that takes place in the infamous Port of Deceit. The two PDFs below contain a detailed map of Five Fingers and the full-size, printable encounter maps and templates for the adventure.

No Quarter 44 – Spirit in Steel Maps

No Quarter #44 features the Quick Shot Scenario "Spirit in Steel," a full-length adventure for the Iron Kingdoms Full Metal Fantasy Roleplaying Game. This PDF contains the full-size encounter maps for the adventure.

NQ 10 - The Wilding Way

No Quarter Magazine #10 included an article called "The Wilding Way" which offered an alternate druid class description and rules for the Iron Kingdoms RPG. This .pdf contains additional content for that article: a comprehensive description of Paths of Power for druids of the Circle Orboros. These thematic paths offer the means for druids to specialize and acquire a wide variety of potent optional abilities.

A Second Incident Materials Download

From the pages of No Quarter 29 campaign A Second Incident. Download the file below for both low and hi-res PDF's of the Rhulic Guard Tower, Bunker and Villagers for use in your games.

Forces of WARMACHINE: Retribution of Scyrah Mk I Conversion Rules

This download provides a list of the model abilities used in WARMACHINE Mk I play involving the Retribution models whose stat cards were not shown in No Quarter #25.

Cabals of the Fraternal Order of Wizardry

No Quarter #25's Sign and Sigil gave an indepth look at the inner workings of the Fraternal Order of Wizardry. This web extra provides additional cabals and secret groups that work in tandem with the Order, each with its own agendas and methods.

Building a Mausoleum

This supplemental PDF details how to add a mausoleum to your graveyard terrain detailed in No Quarter Magazine issue #8.

Building a Mausoleum

Lion's Coup Model Stats

Use these printable PDF cards (4 MB) to play through the Lion's Coup with the scenarios presented in No Quarter Magazine #7.

Lion's Coup Model Stats

Inquisitor Conversion

In issue # 7 of No Quarter Magazine we gave you the opportunity to experience one of the most historic nights in Iron Kingdoms history, the Lion’s Coup. The night young Prince Leto Raelthorne fight his own brother, King Vinter Raelthorne IV for control of the Cygnaran throne and the future that would accompany it.

Smoke on the Water

“Smoke on the Water” is an adventure designed for four 1st level to 3rd level characters. Starting in the Ordic town of Tarna, this adventure takes characters west along the Dragon's Tongue River on board the steamship “The Gambler's Bride” through the tangled Gnarls, and to their destination at the sprawling city of Five Fingers.