No Quarter Challenges

Now's your chance to show off!

Are you ready to show off your hobby skills? Then pick up the most recent copy of No Quarter to find the newest No Quarter Challenge! Each Challenge offers a unique theme to inspire creativity and put your skills to the test. All submissions will be reviewed by the staff of No Quarter—with the help of the talented P3 Studio staff—and the favorite entries will not only win prizes but also be featured in the next issue.


The winning entries, as judged by the No Quarter staff, will be awarded a prize. For more details, see the latest issue of No Quarter. Previous awards included gift certificates to our online store, signed books, challenge coins, and of course, getting your model published in No Quarter magazine. All winners are entitled to bragging rights, of course.


Each Challenge has a deadline. Entries submitted after the deadline will not be eligible to win. Check the latest issue of No Quarter for Challenge deadlines, and the No Quarter Facebook page.

How to Enter

  1. Complete the Challenge.
  2. Take a digital photo of your entry. Make sure you use a solid background, free from any visual distractions. For more photo tips, check out the No Quarter Photography Tips using the link at the bottom of the page..
  3. Email the photo to with the following information:
    1. Subject line: NQ Challenge
    2. Email body must provide:
      1. Your First Name:
      2. Your Last Name:
      3. Email:
      4. Address:
      5. State/Province:
      6. Zip:
      7. Country:
      8. Content Summary: Brief description of the content you are submitting.
    3. Attach the digital photo of your entry
    4. Attach a signed copy of *The No Quarter Submission Terms form.
  4. Wait patiently for the results!

*If you cannot digitally fill out this form or scan a signed copy, you can can attach a photo of a signed copy to your submission email. Download the form using the link below.

NQ65 Photo Tips1.06 MB
No Quarter Submission Terms81.05 KB