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March is upon us here in Seattle, which means rain—and lots of it. The ever-present gray skies can be a bit of a downer. Still, it's easy enough to escape the dreariness of inclement weather by heading indoors, gathering around a 4´ x 4´table, and wrecking someone's face in an engrossing game of WARMACHINE. (I've been having quite a bit of success with my new Cygnar army.)

In last month's Wrath Rules, No Quarter previewed the new Ranking Officer models from WARMACHINE: Wrath. This time we will explore an even bigger new Wrath model type: the battle engine.

From the frozen northern wastes, the Legion of Everblight marches forth, intent on spreading their master's draconic blight throughout the Iron Kingdoms. The Legion of Everblight boasts some of the deadliest warbeasts in HORDES and can field large numbers of them on the table...

Theme Forces offer players the opportunity to play thematic armies that spotlight particular aspects of a warcaster's character or history. From time to time, Privateer Press will introduce new Theme Forces in the pages of No Quarter Magazine. These Theme Forces are "fair game" upon publication and usable in our organized play events.

When considering a color scheme for a particular faction, the comprehensive step-by-step painting guides in the Forces of WARMACHINE and Forces of HORDES books are a great place to start. You shouldn't feel constrained by these official paint schemes, though.

Though they have undergone constant refinement, weapons like the Gun Carriage have been in use by Khadorans for centuries. In fact, Khador began to field the earliest gun carriages during the later phases of the rebellion against the Orgoth.

Although some believe it only a terrible legend, the Deathjack leaves very real corpses in its wake and a trail that is both well documented and centuries old. However, tracking down any substantiated information on this necromechanikal horror has been difficult, to say the least. Descriptions of fleeting sightings abound, but solid intelligence regarding the Deathjack's origins, design, and use by Cryx is practically nonexistent.

Everyone likes getting new toys. Working at the toy factory doesn't change that. With battle engines marking the introduction of a new model type in WARMACHINE: Wrath, a lot of Privateer Press staffers were eager to get their hands on them. In fact, we're all pretty darn excited about the battle engines here at Privateer Press HQ.

This Menite temple is a great set piece for any table and is a wonderful backdrop to a battle featuring the Protectorate of Menoth. This tutorial will take you through the process of building the temple step-by-step so your own battles will be blessed by the grace of Menoth and your enemies cleansed by his holy flames.

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