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I'm not a big believer in fate, but there are a number of startling signs within the Iron Kingdoms that seem to point to my ascension as editor-in-chief of No Quarter. For example, my first name, Aeryn, is also the name of a tribe of Nyss. Mere happenstance? Perhaps...

When it comes to visual presentation in wargaming, few things are as awe-inspiring as a fully painted cadre of armored knights and masked fanatics marching forward, waving the slender banners and iconic menofixes of the Protectorate of Menoth.

As always, we at Engines East are honored to fulfill our contractual and patriotic obligation to the Cygnaran Armory. Your contract for a heavy warjack utilizing synchronous rapid-fire chain guns has proved a challenging proposition; however, our engineers and mechaniks are up to the task. The diagrams I have sent along should illustrate our willingness to deliver the very best in warjack design...

Finding credible information regarding the ranking druid known as Morvahna the Autumnblade—or, indeed, about any blackclad—is akin to pulling teeth from a gorax. However, I was able to scare up these meager bits concerning her past and recent activities. As before, my sources of information on blackclads and their activities are often suspect at best, so measure the worth of the following information with that in mind...

Conquering the world at the behest of a mighty dragon can take its toll—even on the relentless Legion of Everblight. A blighted Nyss warrior occasionally needs a bit of shut-eye before engaging in the next round of cold, merciless slaughter...

No Quarter 31 introduced players to the Thornfall Alliance minion pact along with Lord Carver, the Gun Boar, and the War Hog. This issue's model previews showcase Bloody Barnabas and the Blackhide Wrastler, two members of the Blindwater Congregation minion pact. This article gives players the information they need to play Blindwater Congregation minion army lists.

Though camouflage patterns are found more often on modern soldiers and armor than in fantasy settings, the desire to strike a pattern across a warjack's hull can be strong as you design your own paint scheme. I have always been fond of the more graphic camouflage patterns from the heyday of World War II battleships and drew inspiration from them for this Modeling & Painting challenge.

The forces of Cryx bring swift death to enemies of the Dragonfather with a nightmarish alliance of helljacks, bonejacks, and living and undead forces. As you build your army lists, this article will help maximize your army's fighting power by outlining some of Cryx's primary strengths, including its mighty generals.

Lieutenant Berik Havlan aimed his hand cannon at the charging gatorman, centering its sights on the scaly humanoid's head. He drew in a deep breath and summoned his will, relying on his budding warcaster talents to steady his hand, sharpen his eyesight, and make almost imperceptible adjustments in his aim. He could feel the subtle shift of the wind and even the minute tremor in the tiny muscles in his index finger as it tensed around the trigger. This supernatural awareness would add lethal accuracy to his shot...

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