Wold Wight

Circle Light Warbeast

In battle the spindly but terrifying wold wight wields a pair of blazing lanterns. These lanterns are dangerous enough to an opponent, but their true purpose is to set the wight itself ablaze and amid that fire to consume all enemies in a sacrificial pyre.

Most wolds are crafted carefully and exactingly, representing a significant investment of time and resources. The same is not true of the lanky wold wights. These more haphazard creations of inscribed bones, living vines, wood, and stone can be created quickly when they are needed and just as quickly sacrificed in battle at little cost to their masters.

The traditions behind the construction of wold wights are some of the oldest in the blackclad arsenal, predating the refined evolution of the stoneshaper arts. Relics of a bygone era, they are extensions of totemic markers once used by Devourer-worshipping shamans. These totems marked out the territory of influential chieftains and were used to burn intruders amid ritual sacrifices to the Beast of All Shapes. Blackclads adopted these totems as their own, giving them life through blood sacrifice and arcane power.

The animating force of a wold wight is the magically infused stone heart marked with arcane runes at the center of the construct. Whenever possible, stoneshapers endeavor to reclaim these hearts, as they can be reused again and again. Each of these hearts also gives the wight a kind of primitive hunger, not unlike that found in creations like the boneswarm or the simple mannikin. As a wold wight floats above battle, its vines seek out fresh skulls and bones to work into its form. Violence is inherent in its nature, and it delights in punishing those who intrude where they should not tread.