Ice Witches

Legion Blighted Nyss Unit

Wreathed in the biting winds of winter and with the primal force of ice and cold at their command, covens of ice witches use their blight-augmented magic to leave behind grisly statuaries of frostbitten soldiers and beasts as they fight in the disembodied dragon’s name.

Ice witches are part of an old Nyss tradition found in the most animalistic and feral shards deep in secluded mountain valleys. Cut off from other shards, these Nyss indulged in barbarous rites that glorified Nyssor through ritual sacrifice. Ice witches guided these tribal practices as Nyssor’s chosen shamans among their people.

The blighting of the Nyss did not initially touch these wild shards. But as their fellows scattered, some of these isolated shards moved into the newly abandoned territories, having long envied the superior hunting grounds of their peers. It was this expansion that ultimately led to their being discovered by the Legion of Everblight. The ice witches’ raw and primal talent for magic proved fertile ground for the manipulations of the dragon to take root, and he demanded that all of them be brought into his service. The recently blighted Nyss hunted down the ice witches with enthusiasm, eager to bring them into the fold. Now all but a small handful of the ice witches serve the dragon, wielding their inborn gift and the blessings of Everblight with savage fervor.