Farrow Valkyries

Minion Unit

Determined, steadfast, and loyal, Valkyries make up the honor guard of the warlord Helga the Conqueror. With hammer and cannon they beat back her enemies, and with their shields and very lives they protect her from harm. They willingly go wherever she commands, joining battle with her allies if asked, though they count no other as their master.

Most of these warriors are taken in tribute from the children of chieftains who have surrendered to Helga’s dominion. From a young age these tributes receive instruction in warfare from seasoned veterans and are conditioned to be fiercely loyal to the Conqueror. Their vaunted status affords them far greater opportunities than they would have otherwise experienced in their home tribes. Along with these fighters, a handful of the Valkyries come to Helga of their own volition, having heard of her conquests and desiring to join their fortunes to hers.

Whether they come to the Valkyries as tribute or by choice, these highly skilled farrow warriors form lasting bonds among themselves while learning the discipline to fight in concert on their mistress’ behalf. The depth of their loyalty is so great that any among them would hurl herself into the path of an attack destined for Helga. Should one fall in battle, her battle sisters will not relent until the enemy responsible lies broken beneath their hooves. As a reward for this dedication, Helga grants her Valkyries the first pick of spoils and a promise that they will join her as tribal lords.