Kapitan Sofya Skirova

Khador Black Dragon Iron Fang Solo

Kapitan Sofya Skirova of the Black Dragons is a veteran of many battles. She bears the scars she’s earned from the enemies of the Motherland with the same pride other soldiers hold for the highest medals. Her pike, armor, and shield are the only possessions she values, and her fellow Iron Fangs are the only family she has ever desired.

Skirova first joined the Iron Fangs as a young woman. Her father, an influential kayazy from Khadorstred, intended to marry her off to the son of Viscount Ygor Salgoro to increase his personal standing, which would excuse her from mandatory military service. Not wanting to be forced into marriage with the pampered son of a lazy nobleman, and feeling a personal responsibility to protect her nation, Skirova abandoned her family and went to Volningrad to join the Iron Fangs.

Skirova earned the respect of her fellow Iron Fangs with her steely resolve and her utter devotion to her fellow soldiers. In battle she refused to break in the face of the enemy; even when other soldiers’ morale shattered, she would be found holding the line, striking down men and machines with expert thrusts of her blasting pike. Fighting while injured, outnumbered, or even alone, Skirova could not be broken.

After several years of service, Skirova’s unit transferred to reinforce Ravensgard. There she spent months in fierce melees against Cygnar’s Northguard defenders in the ceaseless struggle between the two fortresses, earning promotions and commendations for her battlefield prowess. It was during that time that she developed a relationship with a fellow Iron Fang under her command. For a while, despite the struggles of nearly constant battle, Skirova and her partner found a measure of happiness.

That happiness died early in 600 AR, when a sniper exchange between Northguard and Ravensgard escalated into a brief but fierce skirmish involving defenders of both fortresses. During the initial aggressive push by Ravensgard, Skirova’s unit was cut off from retreat by heavy Cygnaran shelling, trapped in no man’s land between the fortresses. Cygnaran rifles and artillery dismantled her squad one by one. Though wounded, Skirova alone endured, and she guarded the bodies of her comrades in arms until aid came. She returned to Ravensgard grieving but far from unbowed.

Skirova pledged her life to the Black Dragons, an oath that will not be fulfilled until her ashes are scattered on the fields of Volningrad. Since joining, she has begun a lifelong campaign of revenge against Cygnar and its soldiers, swearing to collect a steep tally: to kill a hundred for every soldier she lost outside Ravensgard, and adding to this score for each precious comrade who falls by her side in the days since. She is quite willing to give her life to see this come to pass, but her tenacity and ability to survive against all odds have become the stuff of legend. They say that when Death comes for her, as it eventually must, she will take him with her.