Retribution Vyre Light Warjack

For Iosans who lived through the War of the Houses, the Siren is a walking reminder of the terrible sins of House Vyre and of the evils unleashed under the rule of the mad Narcissar Ghyrrshyld. Following the end of the war, the Siren was one of several House Vyre weapons that was considered best locked away. Its arsenal relies upon dark principles most Iosan arcanists would never dare to study or harness.

When the skorne breached Ios’ borders, however, the Retribution found itself in desperate need of new weapons to turn the tide of battle. Members of House Vyre revealed that several original Sirens remained in their vaults and that senior arcanists possessed the knowledge to manufacture more.

The Siren’s main armament is its death driver cannon which emits a lethal force shock, emitting a strangely harmonic tone when unleashed. This weapon draws on the black occult experiments of House Vyre and is able to briefly animate and control of the bodies of those killed by it. For a short time these corpses lash out violently at any within reach before collapsing into twitching heaps. Use of this weapon is sanctioned so long as it is employed solely against those who oppose the Retribution and threaten the Divine Court. Still, there are many in the ranks who are deeply unsettled to hear the whine of its unnatural weaponry presaging the sight of one last spasm of violence from those it slays.

Height / Weight: 9 ft 1 in / 2.9 tons

Armament: Death Driver Cannon, Heavy Rune Blade, Light Rune Blade

Peak Operational Duration: 2.25 hrs combat