Eminent Configurator Orion

Convergence Warcaster

Eminent Configurator Orion is a celestial mathematician without peer. A foremost member of the Convergence of Cyriss priesthood, it is his responsibility to oversee the ongoing alignment of astronometric nexuses and clockwork spires. These facilities act as the nodes linking the continent-spanning machinery and crusade that is the Great Work. His ministrations ensure power flows with maximum efficiency through Convergence facilities and thence outward to empower clockwork soldiers wherever they battle with their adversaries.

Orion enters battle to harness and control sites of geomantic power across western Immoren. Though guided by Father Lucant’s plans, Orion feels at liberty to implement his own additions and improvements to the network, further refining an already exemplary design. He lets the stars guide his hand, for in their celestial dance he sees the invisible will of the Maiden at work.

For the better part of two centuries Orion has studied the interplay of celestial bodies, keeping records on every new star he discovers and every errant comet to cross the sky. Like Lucant before him, he once worked in the Cygnaran Royal Observatory, rising to the position of chief astronomer. There he theorized myriad additional bodies in the sky invisible to even the most powerful telescopes, based on their subtle effects on the orbits of other celestial bodies. His theories were later proven by an analysis of the influence of Caen’s three moons, and soon Convergence leaders invited him to join their Great Work.

Most priests of the Convergence rely on the Cipher Engine to interpret the desires of the goddess. But Orion feels that the device, while a useful tool, lacks nuance and ignores subtle inflections behind Cyriss’ messages. Orion combines these derived messages with direct observations of the sidereal movements of the goddess’ celestial form and its influence on other bodies. The mathematics behind his process are dizzyingly complex, even by the standards of his peers. Some feel his attempts to “perfect perfection” border on blasphemy, but he is confident his results are accurate. He is content to look to the Maiden out among the planets and lesser bodies beyond Caen and to wait for her to reveal his greater purpose.

Orion embraces his role in confronting those who would disrupt the machinery of the Great Work. Should an indigenous population inhabit the site of a future nexus, or if an armed force threatens to destroy or misalign one of his existing towers, they will be eradicated. He performs such tasks with supreme skill and clinical detachment, caring little for the lives of lesser beings. Directing potent blasts of geomantic energy to scythe through his enemies, Orion can calculate a wide array of trajectories and angles of attack in fractions of a second.