Primus Jalaam

Skorne Warlock

The northern reaches of the Skorne Empire are a wild, untamed place where enormous beasts like the hydra and mammoth roam—only the fiercest of skorne can prosper here. Among them is Primus Jalaam, one of the greatest hunters of the Kasortaan people who dwell in this region. A cunning warlock who feels no shame killing his enemies at a distance, he is as effective stalking intelligent prey as when tracking the beasts of his homeland.

Jalaam does not allow a reverence for traditional codes to restrict his actions. He has little regard for hoksune or for those who allow it to dictate their decisions. He chooses to win confrontations by any means necessary. Opponents who expect a straightforward duel are surprised by his willingness to stack the odds in his own favor. Jalaam thinks nothing of fomenting slave revolts to weaken rival houses or of taking hostage the sacral stone of a revered ancestor to undermine confidence in an enemy tyrant.

Despite his disregard for the martial codes that guide the lives of most members of the warrior caste, Jalaam’s victories have earned him high standing in House Kevaar. The struggle to survive in the house’s hostile environment has encouraged its leaders to prioritize results over honor. As Primus, Jalaam is the foremost warrior serving his tyrant—an incongruity compounded by his preference for fighting with the weapon of the lesser Venator caste.

Outside of his military duties, Jalaam spends much of his time hunting. He has led numerous hunting parties into the untamed wastelands to subdue and collect warbeasts for House Kevaar. He even ventures into the wilderness alone, facing down savage creatures that the most veteran beast handlers fear. With nothing but his weapons to aid him, Jalaam has entered into the heart of aradus hives to emerge with a clutch of new eggs. He has faced down blood-mad wounded mammoths to finish them. Jalaam does these deeds not for his own glory but simply because his tyrant requires such excellence of him. Though hoksune holds no value to him, he is fiercely loyal to House Kevaar.

It was while hunting on behalf of his master that Jalaam methodically developed his talent as a mortitheurge and warlock. He learned first to feel the pain inflicted by a beast handler’s barbed lash as it tore through a creature’s flesh, then to mold and shape that pain to his own will. He studied with fascination the suffering of wounded creatures nearing death and how to use that suffering like a chain to bind a beast’s spirit. He has executed hundreds of crippled or sickly creatures to savor and understand the moment of demise, and he has learned to wield the power imparted by those deaths as his own.

In an effort to strengthen ties between House Kevaar and Supreme Archdomina Makeda, its tyrant sent Jalaam with a host of warbeasts and warriors to join the Army of the Western Reaches. Though Jalaam believes his proper place is at his tyrant’s side, he obeyed his orders. He sees the benefits of this extended expedition—returning forces from the west have brought with them strange beasts and slaves, as well as stories of the myriad enemies they have faced. The primus goes there to look upon these new opponents with his own eyes and to surpass them, to find new ways to inflict pain and death while hunting the most cunning of prey. Primus Jalaam stands as something of an outsider among the warlocks of the Western Reaches, and his impact on their schemes is unknown.