Retribution Vyre Light Warjack

Like many of House Vyre’s modern myrmidon designs, the Harpy owes its existence to innovations from a darker time—the regime of Lord Ghyrrshyld. Though not actually fabricated during that sinister period, the unique energies that allow the Harpy to achieve short controlled flights on the battlefield are based on now-forbidden research that also led to the creation of weapons deployed on the Harpy’s larger cousins, the Sphinx and Daemon. By utilizing similar reality-bending energies, the Harpy can generate a field around itself that is able to defy the force of gravity and, through sophisticated conduits, it is able to directionally project that field.

The Harpy’s primary weapon is its wind flayer, which harnesses the same energies that power the myrmidon’s flight. When unleashed in concentrated bursts, these energies tear targets apart, buckling armor and stripping flesh. Targets not instantly annihilated are sent flying as they experience momentary uncontrolled weightlessness before the laws of nature once again reassert themselves.

Height / Weight: 9 ft / 2.8 tons

Armament: Wind Flayer Cannon, Heavy Force Claw, Light Force Claw

Peak Operational Duration: 1.8 hrs combat