Lieutenant Bastian Falk

Cygnar Arcane Tempest Solo

For most of his adult life, the gun mage Bastian Falk has worked to eliminate threats to his nation. His magelock scattergun has been heard booming in the streets of Llael by Khadoran invaders, rolling over the surf of the Meredius by pirate crews, and echoing in the heart of the Thornwood by the hellish thralls of Cryx. Wherever Cygnar needs him, Falk stands ready to answer the call with a blast of arcane grapeshot.

Early in his training at the Tempest Academy, Falk demonstrated an unusual capacity for magic. While many of his classmates labored to empower their first rune shots, Falk’s struggle was quite the opposite. He was a font of arcane power, causing even the simplest runes to flare up in displays of raw magic as dangerous to Falk as to anyone downrange of him. When he wasn’t causing projectiles to erupt into dazzling flames, his pistols warped into slag from the power coursing through them.

In an effort to tame this arcane powerhouse, Falk’s instructors guided him away from pistols and rifles and toward an unusual weapon, the magelock scattergun. Gun mages able to wield this weapon are rare talents given the sheer amount of arcane power required to enchant numerous shot at once. The scattergun proved to be an ideal match for Falk. Empowering the dozens of individual projectiles in each blast acted as an ideal control mechanism for his immense power, allowing him to appropriately harness his gift and eventually earn the arcane rank of Adept.

Upon completion of his training, Falk was selected for special operations on the Broken Coast. He served with distinction at places like Highgate and Westwatch, helping to eliminate Cryxian raiding forces attacking the mainland and to thwart pirate raids on vulnerable coastal towns. When the Khadoran offensive of 604 AR began, he was redeployed to Llael by special request of the warcaster Allister Caine, who had heard of the gun mage’s accomplishments and talents. Falk fought under Caine in multiple operations until the fall of Llael, after which he was transferred once again to help defend the new northern border of Cygnar following the Khadoran occupation of the Thornwood. From Point Bourne Falk participated in covert raids on Khadoran emplacements and aided in the eradication of Cryxians infesting the forest.

This history of open battle and covert operations has allowed Falk to master several unique tactics over the years, and most other gun mages can only envy the bond Falk has developed with his weapon. Falk learned long ago that true mastery of his gift comes not from trying to control it, but from simply embracing the torrent within and directing it at his foes.