Lieutenant Crosse, Resistance Fighter

Mercenary Llaelese Warcaster

No Resistance fighter in Llael lives the safe and easy life, but none walk so close to the edge as Gastone Crosse. Under the mentorship of Marshal Ashlynn D’Elyse, Crosse has begun to discover his true potential as he fights alongside the other determined warriors of the Resistance. Yet he continues to secretly struggle to control the weapon that first unlocked his warcaster ability. Crosse is a born survivor with a knack for improvisation, but few who fight alongside him know of the darkness weighing on his conscience, as the soul of every foe he kills is consumed to strengthen him.

Crosse’s relationship with his infernal weapon is strange, to say the least. He acquired it just before discovering his warcaster talent—and the gun was indeed largely responsible for loosing this potential. The young warcaster still does not know its true origins or fully comprehend the scope of its capabilities. After experiencing its ability to strip those it kills of their spiritual essence, Crosse renamed the gun Soul Reaver. Its power is incontestable, and Crosse wields it to great effect against the Khadorans in western Llael. As their combined powers grow, the weapon’s hunger for souls only escalates, as does the pressure it applies to the warcaster’s psyche. Crosse sometimes wonders which of the pair is truly in control, him or the gun.

When not carrying out missions for the Resistance, Crosse spends his time trying to uncover secrets about his weapon’s history—an endeavor that has proven difficult. What little he has found points to the gun being part of a long history of murder and destruction. It has changed hands repeatedly over many years, vanishing only to resurface again halfway across the Iron Kingdoms, spreading misery and death wherever it appeared. Crosse is only the latest soul to wield this damned weapon. If he wishes to escape the fate of its previous owners, he will need to unravel its deeper nature—and by doing so evade its curse.

As one of the Resistance’s few warcasters, Gastone has been required to shoulder considerable responsibility. He has had to learn to work alongside the organization’s leaders, including senior military and espionage veterans as well as the former nobility that he held in contempt as an orphaned child on the streets of Merywyn. His relationship with them is strained, though eased by the occasional intervention of his mentor Marshal D’Elyse. That said, he much prefers operating in enemy territory over spending time with the leadership of the Resistance, and he has become familiar with the group’s urban cells scattered throughout his conquered kingdom. He favors fighting alongside smaller groups of freedom fighters drawn from a diverse array of individuals, including sympathetic mercenaries from Ord, Rhul, and Cygnar, and has proven to be particularly adept at leading strike forces on missions of sabotage and assassination.