New LEVEL 7 [ESCAPE] Developer Diary Video Posted!

The second LEVEL 7 [ESCAPE] developer diary video is now available! This video is the second part of the diary video released last week presenting an overview of the game and its components.

LEVEL 7 [ESCAPE] is the first in a series of games and media set in the sinister science fiction setting of LEVEL 7 conceived by Matthew D. Wilson, the award-winning creator of the Iron Kingdoms, WARMACHINE, and Monsterpocalypse. The game takes place in a secret underground military facility where aliens, sanctioned by the government, conduct unspeakable experiments on innocent civilians. One to four players take the role of escaped test subjects who must work together – or use each other – to escape the facility with their lives. Survival in the game depends on how well players manage their fear during play.

To view the LEVEL 7 [ESCAPE] developer diaries, go to the Developer Diaries section of the LEVEL 7 site.