Iron Kingdoms Core Rules, LEVEL 7 [ESCAPE], HORDES Two-Player Battle Box Release Today

BELLEVUE, WA, September 19, 2012 – Three of Privateer Press’ most eagerly awaited products of 2012—the Iron Kingdoms Full Metal Fantasy Roleplaying Game: Core Rules, the LEVEL 7 [ESCAPE] board game, and the HORDES Two-Player Battle Box—all release today.

Iron Kingdoms Full Metal Fantasy Roleplaying Game: Core Rules marks a return to Privateer Press’ roleplaying roots in the award-winning Iron Kingdoms world, where WARMACHINE and HORDES are also set. The book debuted at Gen Con 2012 and was met with such high demand that it sold out on the first day of the convention. The full-color 360-page volume contains all the rules necessary to play as well as detailed information on the history and cultures of the Iron Kingdoms.

The science fiction survival-horror board game LEVEL 7 [ESCAPE] is the first in a series of games that will explore the science fiction world of LEVEL 7 created by Matthew D. Wilson. The highly anticipated board game hit the top of BoardGameGeek’s “The Hotness” chart in August and has already sold out at the manufacturer level.

The HORDES Two-Player Battle Box contains everything two players need to play the acclaimed HORDES tabletop miniatures game. The box includes complete HORDES: Primal Mk II rules in a travel-sized booklet (88 pages), an introductory guide, dice, a ruler, and 20 plastic HORDES models with corresponding stat cards.

“Today marks the culmination of three very big projects for Privateer Press,” said William Shick, Director of Business for Privateer Press. “These have been labors of love for us, and we’re thrilled to finally be able to share them with the gaming world.”

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