Monstrous Miniatures Combat

The raging, fast-paced HORDES game is set in the wilds of the Iron Kingdoms, an environment that combines the richness of traditional fantasy with the excitement of steam power and gunpowder. Across the realm, ancient rivalries among nations are exploding into all-out conflict, and the tameless factions of HORDES have joined the fight, whether to preserve their ancient homelands or with an eye toward conquest.

In this ferocious 30 mm tabletop miniatures battle game, each player controls a powerful battle-wizard who harnesses the strength and fury of the savage warbeasts that stalk the dark places of the Iron Kingdoms. Through their unique link to these untamed creatures, these warlocks are able to drive them to unparalleled heights of destruction.

HORDES puts players directly into the maelstrom of war as warlocks and their beast hordes struggle for domination and survival. A game is fought with the powerful jaws and flesh-ripping talons of warbeasts as well as devastating spells wrought by the warlocks themselves and the lethal weapons of their warriors. Only one side can emerge victorious from the carrion-scattered field of war!

The Forces of HORDES