Trollkin Waystones Contest Winner

The response to the first hobby blog has been overwhelmingly positive. The contest was a big success, and we got a ton of great entries!

The guidelines for the contest were to create terrain that incorporated techniques featured in the tutorial. The wining entry came guys from the guys at Mayhem Comics & Games: David Drahaus and his pals Josh, Chad, and Nate.

The guys from Mayhem Comics & Games created stacked waystones and a large central stone adorned with scrolls, candles, and a glowing Trollkin rune. Their Khadoran monument uses the same stone texturing technique and rune carving on a round wooden plaque, which is used to create a base for the statue.

Honorable mentions go out to the following two entries. Both feature some great stonework and carved runes.

Ulf Schlener made some floating stone markers. Brass rod was used to make the stones hover.

Neal Derman created a krielstone adorned with carved runes.

David and the guys from Mayhem Comics & Games ( will be awarded the waystones from the tutorial. Thanks to everyone who sent in entries!