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Guest Hobby Blog: Weathering with Griffon's Roost Painting

Privateer Press is excited to welcome guest blogger Lauren Fahey (twitter: @griffonsroost). She currently works as a freelance artist specialized in painting miniatures for hobby gaming and display. Drawing from a background in art history and medieval/renaissance studies, she takes inspiration for her art from history, nature, and her favorite parts of nerd culture.

Khadoran Mining Village

These buildings represent part of a Khadoran facility for mining ore containing one of the vital minerals used in the production of red blasting powder, and the final buildings will be part of a much larger diorama. The larger building is dedicated to refining these minerals into the pure components required by alchemists to produce both red and black blasting powders. The finished powders are packaged into large barrels and shipped by rail to ammunition assembly shops and factories, and from there to resupply soldiers on the front lines.

Industrial Smoke Stacks

This Hobby Blog goes over how to make Smoke Stacks for an industrial themed "forest." Forest terrain is abstract and usually represented by an oblong grassy base and a couple modular trees, but it can represent any terrain that is difficult to travel in and has limited visibility. With this in mind, I came up with the industrial stacks, suggestive of an underground factory or mines. The stacks billow smoke to provide concealment, and loose wiring and scraps can be seen to impede movement.

Battlefield Gun Emplacements

The spare weapon arms from the plastic heavy warjack kits can be used to make some effective battlefield gun emplacements. The guns can be used simply as terrain details, as objectives to be captured, or you can go so far as to create house rules for controlling and firing the guns during game play.

Cryxian Bile Reservoir Contest Winner

The guidelines for the contest were to build Cryxian- or swamp-themed terrain. We had some great entries, and you guys went crazy with the lighting effects!

Cryxian Bile Reservoir

The design of this piece was a long time in the making. I wanted to work on some Cryxian scenery so I could feature swampy terrain. Since necrotite mining rigs have been done to death, I decided to create something different: a large boiler-like vessel covered with leaking pipes surrounded by murky pools of the caustic chemicals used to create Bile Thralls. While looking for parts with which to detail the piece, I came across the perfect components for a kind of Bile Thrall refilling station. And so, the Cryxian Bile Reservoir was born.

Minefields Contest Winner

We’ve got some great entries to show off for this competition. The guidelines for the contest were to build a minefield or another type of faction-themed dangerous terrain.


Rough and impassable terrain comes in many forms and can be useful in directing your opponent’s models, protecting your flanks, or locking off portions of the battlefield. While an area of rough terrain can be represented by a template of broken ground, ruins, or scrub brush, it’s much more entertaining to create a thematic piece of terrain with some special in-game effects.

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to make some effective minefields along with some suggestions for incorporating them into your game with unique terrain rules.

Khadoran Inn Contest Winner

With the second terrain competition concluded, I have to say I was really impressed with the quantity and quality of the entries. There were a lot of fantastic buildings submitted, and I’m glad to see that so many of you captured the spirit of the Iron Kingdoms for your gaming tables.

Khadoran Inn

I’ve made a ton of Iron Kingdoms buildings over the years. Most of them have been distinctly Cygnaran—what I find to be the “generic” Iron Kingdoms style of architecture. No Quarter Magazine #23 contains a tutorial for more Cygnaran-looking structures. For this tutorial, however, I am going to focus on buildings with a distinct Khadoran flare. Khadoran architecture features roofs with a steeper gable, and many of the larger structures are topped with domes or steeples. To further differentiate the Khadoran aesthetic, I imagine more wood and stone being used for supports.