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Privateer Press Announces Official Miniatures Carrying Cases

Bellevue, WA November 11/18/2009— Privateer Press is pleased to announce it has licensed the rights to create official miniatures carrying cases for its award winning WARMACHINE and HORDES miniatures games to Battle Foam.

The Battle Foam WARMACHINE and HORDES miniature carrying cases are scheduled to release in January 2010 to coincide with the release of WARMACHINE Prime Mk II. Each case holds 161models and is reinforced with hard plastic to form a protective shell around the figures. In addition are several pockets to hold gaming accessories as well as an interior binder clip to hold card sheets.

Battle Foam also plans to release special faction-specific foam tray sets that will include custom-cut trays to carry the more irregular models. These sets will be available in the months following the main product’s release.

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About Privateer Press, Inc.
Privateer Press, Inc. is a privately held producer of entertainment and hobby brands based in the Seattle area. Its products include the Monsterpocalypse collectible miniatures game, the award-winning WARMACHINE and HORDES hobby miniatures games, the award-winning Iron Kingdoms property, Bodger Games, the full-color No Quarter Magazine, and the Formula P3 hobby line. To learn more about Privateer Press, visit or contact the president, Sherry Yeary, at (425) 643-5900 or

WARMACHINE and HORDES are the critically acclaimed tabletop games of miniatures combat designed by game industry veteran Matt Wilson and placed in the award-winning setting of the Iron Kingdoms. WARMACHINE was first released in 2003 and has won several awards, including Gamers' Choice Best Miniatures of the Year and Game of the Year at the 2006 Origins Awards. HORDES, first released in 2006, was named Miniatures Game of the Year at the 2007 Origins Awards and is one of the fastest-growing miniatures games on the market.

About Battle Foam
Battle Foam, LLC was started by Romeo and Jama Filip in January of 2009. With their hard work and dedication to the miniature gaming industry, Battle Foam has grown dramatically over the past year. Battle Foam produces the P. A. C. K. (Personal Army Combat Kit) system of cases. These bags provide the customer with a rugged canvas exterior protecting a hard plastic interior shell. The true backbone of Battle Foam is the revolutionary patented foam cutting system. This patented foam cutting system gives you the opportunity to truly order any size, shape, or style of foam tray directly tailored to your specific army needs. Requests such as custom text and custom logos are easily achieved through Battle Foam’s revolutionary cutting system. Battle Foam prides itself in guaranteeing 100% customer satisfaction. To learn more about Battle Foam and our products, visit or contact Romeo Filip, at 480-747-0230 or