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The rising threat of the Cryxian armies has become too great. Death permeates the war-torn region, and Empress Ayn and King Leto themselves chance incredible danger to meet and coordinate their stand. The Protectorate’s Northern Crusade joins Khador and Cygnar in a final alliance of men against the unending armies of the Dragonfather. As these armies combine to expel the deathless forces of Cryx from the mainland, in tunnels below the battleground a lone Khadoran soldier fights to save one of the Motherland’s greatest legends.

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Fearsome monsters made all the deadlier by the psychic bond they share to their warlocks, the flesh and sinew counterpart to the steam and steel of warjacks, warbeasts are an integral part of the dominant cultures of the wilderness in Iron Kingdoms Unleashed.


Broken Roads

Western Immoren is plagued by ceaseless bloodshed, unspeakable atrocities, and constant strife. All nations and kingdoms are embroiled in armed conflict, enigmatic cults rise from the shadows to terrorize the citizens, and even the skies are filled with horrors. Life grows harder and harsher each day as these conflicts continue to intensify.

Iron Kingdoms Unleashed Motion Comics!

Watch the characters of the Iron Kingdoms Unleashed Adventure Kit star in their own series of motion comics!

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Show and Tell - Iron Kingdoms Unleashed

In the second episode of the Unleashed web cartoons, Lurk tells Gullin about the mystical totems he uses for his alchemy. If you missed last week's episode, watch it here!

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Full event descriptions for all of Lock & Load’s exciting slate of events are now available! Whether you’re into tournaments for your favorite games, Iron Kingdoms roleplaying adventures and special board gaming events, picking up new painting tips, or learning more about your favorite game worlds, there’s plenty to fill up your Lock & Load schedule.

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The new batch of Privateer Pins for April are on sale now!

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The Event Schedule for Lock & Load GameFest 2015 is now available! Download the schedule now and use it to plan out your event. Registration for these events opens Friday, April 10 at 1PM PDT (4PM EDT) on RegOnline. You’ll need a badge to sign up for events, so buy yours today!

Camping with Friends - Iron Kingdoms Unleashed

Watch Lurk and Longchops share a moment around the campfire in this new Unleashed motion comic!

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