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I’m back for another blog on the intricacies of WARMACHINE and HORDES box photography. This time, I’ll use Croak Raiders to demonstrate how the photography for a 10-model unit comes together.


Show and Tell - Iron Kingdoms Unleashed

In the second episode of the Unleashed web cartoons, Lurk tells Gullin about the mystical totems he uses for his alchemy. If you missed last week's episode, watch it here!

View the Lock & Load Full Event Descriptions Now!

Full event descriptions for all of Lock & Load’s exciting slate of events are now available! Whether you’re into tournaments for your favorite games, Iron Kingdoms roleplaying adventures and special board gaming events, picking up new painting tips, or learning more about your favorite game worlds, there’s plenty to fill up your Lock & Load schedule.

New Privateer Pins for April on Sale Now!

The new batch of Privateer Pins for April are on sale now!

Lock & Load Event Schedule Now Available!

The Event Schedule for Lock & Load GameFest 2015 is now available! Download the schedule now and use it to plan out your event. Registration for these events opens Friday, April 10 at 1PM PDT (4PM EDT) on RegOnline. You’ll need a badge to sign up for events, so buy yours today!

Camping with Friends - Iron Kingdoms Unleashed

Watch Lurk and Longchops share a moment around the campfire in this new Unleashed motion comic!

Lock & Load Event Registration Opens April 10!

Event registration for Lock & Load will open April 10 at 1pm PDT / 4pm EDT! The full event schedule will be posted in the coming days. You must have a badge to register for events, so purchase your Lock & Load badge today!

Primecast Episode 17

Episode 17 of Privateer Press Primecast has arrived! Join co-hosts Simon Berman and Will Shick as they interview fellow staffers at Privateer HQ. Simon talks with RPG producer Matt Goetz about the release of the Unleashed Adventure Kit and the upcoming Unleashed Core Rules.

The Iron Kingdoms Unleashed Adventure Kit Is Available Digitally!

The first product for the highly anticipated new Iron Kingdoms Unleashed Roleplaying Game series, the Iron Kingdoms Unleashed Adventure Kit contains everything you need to begin adventuring in the wilds of western Immoren! Get a free download of the adventure and printable materials to supplement your copy of the Unleashed Adventure Kit at DriveThruRPG or for PPDigital now!

New Chibi Pins on Sale Now!

A host of new Privateer Pins is now available in the Privateer Press Online Store, including new chibi warcasters and warlocks, as well as Vladimir, the Dark Prince!

Preorder the Iron Kingdoms Unleashed: Core Rules Book & Receive A Free Digital Copy!

For a limited time, receive a FREE digital copy of the Iron Kingdoms Unleashed: Core Rules when you preorder a print copy of the book through your local game store!

• Preorder a copy of Iron Kingdoms Unleashed: Core Rules at your local game store and obtain a receipt of payment.

• Email a photo of your receipt along with the name of your game store and what city and state the store is in to

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