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Hello, all. My name is Zach Parker, and I am the new staff writer here at Privateer Press.


HORDES: Devastation Release Event

This is a HORDES-only event that features the Trollblood, Circle Orboros, Skorne, Legion of Everblight, and Minion armies. This event coincides with the release of HORDES: Devastation and allows players to earn Devastation points over the course of the day in a casual, free-play environment.

Creature Feature

A brutal and unforgiving landscape, a caste system that dictates every facet of life, magic that draws on the powers of pain and death—the Skorne Empire is a harsh realm by any measure, testing every being who dwells there.

Privateer Press is Live at Gen Con!

Privateer is live at Gen Con. The booth is full of exclusives, pins, patches, plushies, and prizes.

For those not able to make the trek to Indianapolis this year, don't worry. Our online store has everything you need to be at Gen Con virtually.

Privateer Press Seeks No Quarter Magazine Assistant

The No Quarter Assistant reports directly to the No Quarter editor-in-chief (EIC) and will assist the EIC with each issue of No Quarter magazine through its entire life cycle, from concept to deployment.

Privateer Press heads to Gen Con!

This week, Privateer Press packs up and heads to Indianapolis for Gen Con 2015.

The Undercity: Gameplay Tutorial

Join the Black River Irregulars and delve into the treacherous Undercity, a decaying labyrinth of tunnels and caverns sprawled beneath Corvis that is home to all manner of vice and villainy. Work as a team and utilize your hero’s unique strengths to battle the Undercity’s deadly denizens and expose the dark conspiracy festering in the city’s underbelly.

Shattered Lives

Western Immoren is plagued by ceaseless bloodshed, unspeakable atrocities, and constant strife. All nations and kingdoms are embroiled in armed conflict, enigmatic cults rise from the shadows to terrorize the citizens, and even the skies are filled with horrors. Life grows harder and harsher each day as these conflicts continue to intensify.

Pain is Magic

A harsh climate and rigid caste structure clearly shape the way the skorne see the world, but there is another aspect of their culture that sets this people apart: the singular magical tradition of mortitheurgy.

All Shall Be Skorne

Last week we introduced you to the eastern lands claimed by the skorne. This week, we explore the caste system that pervades and shapes the rigidly stratified culture of the Skorne Empire.

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