Play in the Vengeance release event at your local game store!

In HORDES, monstrous beasts set upon one another in a bloody clash of tooth and fang that churns the battlefield into a seething sea of carnage. Their masters feed on pain and rage, forging primal energy into a weapon against their enemies.

Kings, Nations, and Gods, the newest volume for the award winning Iron Kingdoms Full Metal Fantasy Roleplaying Game, is IN STORES NOW!

Visit your local game store for your copy of this essential guide to the nations of the Iron Kingdoms today!

Savage Guardians The first expansion for HORDES High Command is IN STORES NOW!


Visit your local game store to get your copy of this exciting new tactical miniatures-based board game for 2-6 players!

The Warlock Sagas: Mutagenesis is available now through Skull Islands eXpeditions. Download The Warlock Sagas: Mutagenesis today!

Looking for some wacky entertainment with a little dose of destruction? Every Bodgers game brings home fun for the whole family as you dive into the maniacal and mechanical mayhem of the always zany and sometimes dangerous goblin Bodgers.

An extensive catalog of No Quarter magazine issues, WARMACHINE and HORDES rulebooks, Iron Kingdoms Full Metal Fantasy Roleplaying Game material, and much more, at your fingertips with PPDigital on your iOS or Android device!

The MONSTERPOCALYPSE is upon us! Rampage your monster and a horde of minions through an urban landscape, crush everything in your path, and do battle with rival monsters for control of your turf.

Developed and used by leading professionals in the hobby miniatures industry, Formula P3 paints and tools bring your miniatures to life.

ZOMBIE Insider

If you already follow @PrivateerPress on Twitter, then you know we love to retweet the dozens of beautiful WARMACHINE and HORDES miniatures our audience shares with us every day. The sheer volume and creativity exhibited by our players is staggering, and I thought I’d take the opportunity to share a few of them with those of you who haven’t joined us on Twitter yet!


"The Warlock Sagas: Mutagenesis" Now Available from Skull Island!

The newest novella from Skull Island eXpeditions reveals the origins of the fearsome warlock Thagrosh, Prophet of Everblight. Follow his transformation from a lowly prisoner of brutal Khadoran slavers into the monstrous vessel for one of the most powerful beings on Caen, the dragon Everblight.

Zombies Keep Out Trailer

It's bodge or get bitten when a giant mob of zombies attacks the goblins' workshop. Now it's up to you and the other bodgers to repel the undead or become a zombie's late-night snack! Barricaded in your workshop, you and your goblin cohorts must rely on your mechanical expertise to construct the sometimes ramshackle but always maniacal machines you'll need to overcome the endless Leapers, Creepers, Runners, and Brutes trying to break down your doors. Collect parts to build your machines as fast as you can, but don't get bitten—or you'll be left moaning and groaning as you join the horde and turn on your friends!

Primecast Episode 4

Episode 4 of Privateer Press Primecast has arrived! Join co-hosts Simon Berman and Will Shick as they interview fellow staffers at Privateer HQ. Will Hungerford talks about the first WARMACHINE and HORDES league of 2014: Scars of Caen: Charsaug and drops a few hints about what might be revealed as the league develops.

War Room 1.3 Update Available Now!

The War Room 1.3 update is available now on iOS, Android, and Kindle devices! Among other features this update includes theme force validation. Watch our War Room 1.3 Features video or see the full feature list before for more information.

War Room 1.3 Update Coming February 24!

The War Room 1.3 update is coming to iOS, Android, and Kindle devices Monday, February 24! Among other features this update includes theme force validation. Watch our War Room 1.3 Features video or see the full feature list before for more information.

Vengeance Book Release Event

This is a WARMACHINE-only event that features the Cygnar, Khador, Protectorate of Menoth, Cryx, Retribution of Scyrah, Convergence of Cyriss, and Mercenary armies. This event coincides with the release of WARMACHINE: Vengeance and allows players to earn Vengeance points over the course of the day in a casual, free-play environment.

War Room 1.3 Features

Privateer Press offers a look at the exciting new features in War Room 1.3, coming Monday February 24 to iOS and Android devices! This update offers powerful new functionality, including theme force validation and a theme force list view option that makes building theme forces easier than ever. Other new features include text-based rules reference searching and a new quick navigation system!

Supercharge your War Room experience with this free update February 24!

Skull Island Announces Iron Kingdoms Excursions!

Iron Kingdoms Excursions is an exciting way to explore the continent of Immoren, the setting for the award-winning WARMACHINE, HORDES, and Iron Kingdoms games. Every volume of Iron Kingdoms Excursions features three short tales of the men, machines, and monsters of Immoren as you've never seen them before. Releases are available in single volumes or as a season pass.

Iron Gauntlet Qualifier Final: TempleCon 2014

Watch the official Privateer Press broadcast of the Templecon 2014 Iron Gauntlet Qualifier Final! In this championship game Keith Christianson takes on Charles Arrasmith with commentary by Michael Plummer and Will Shick.

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