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In WARMACHINE, the very earth shakes during these fierce confrontations where six-ton constructs of tempered iron and steel slam into one another with the destructive force of a locomotive.

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Privateer Insider

In this week’s look at the creation process of LEVEL 7 [INVASION], we’ll look at the player side of the game: running the coalitions defending the Earth.


Iron Painter and Iron Kingdoms Trivia Challenge

Watch a game show format showdown as contestants face the Iron Painter in a speed painting contest featuring wacky challenges and trivia questions for the audience! Recorded live at Lock & Load GameFest 2014!

War Stories: The Origin of the Iron Kingdoms

Matt Wilson and company share anecdotes and stories about where the Iron Kingdoms came from, how it came to be, and where it's going! Recorded live at Lock & Load GameFest 2014!

Visit the new!

Visit the redesigned for info and updates on WARMACHINE: Tactics! The redesigned site will serve as the primary source for information about the progress of WARMACHINE: Tactics. It will feature regular development updates, behind-the-scenes videos, concept artwork, screenshots, wallpapers and more.

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Privateer Press is coming to SmogCon 2015!

Privateer Press is proud to announce a partnership with SmogCon, which will bring the Privateer Press convention experience to the United Kingdom early next year! SmogCon will be held February 20–22, 2015, at the Radisson Blu Edwardian in London, England.


Watch the WARMACHINE: Tactics teaser trailer shown at E3! WARMACHINE: Tactics enters beta testing soon. Visit for more information.

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Privateer Press Announces ‘Monsternomicon’

Privateer Press has announced the September release of Iron Kingdoms Full Metal Fantasy: Monsternomicon, based on the original, multiple-award-winning d20 Monsternomicon book. This new supplement is compatible with the ENnie Award–winning Iron Kingdoms Full Metal Fantasy Roleplaying Game as well as the upcoming 2015 release Iron Kingdoms Unleashed Roleplaying Game.

Iron Gauntlet 2015 season rules released!

The Iron Gauntlet 2015 season rules are now available for download! Download them now to see the new format changes, and visit the official Privateer Press Forums for more information and Iron Gauntlet 2015 discussion. Visit the Iron Gauntlet page for a list of upcoming Iron Gauntlet events.

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