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Beyond the industrialized world, formidable factions harness the power of magic, nature, and the unnatural to vie for domination of their realms. Battle in this wilderness is waged by potent warlocks, arcane warriors who wield the savage power of their warbeasts. Their consciousness magically linked, a warlock and a horde of warbeasts possess the power of a small army. When leading an army, they are more than a match for the mightiest forces of the Iron Kingdoms.

Privateer Insider

Legion of Everblight was my very first HORDES Faction (followed mere seconds later by Circle Orboros across the register scanner), and it has always been first in my heart due to my love of both dragons and murderous gribbly land sharks birthed from the darkest corners of madness.


Wrath of the Dragonfather

As anyone who loves fantasy knows, there is something inherently captivating about dragons. They are fire-breathing monsters born out of nightmares, the bringers of smoke and ash and death.

The M.E.A.T.S.A.C.

LEVEL 7 [OMEGA PROTOCOL]: Extreme Prejudice is in stores now. Those who have played the original [OMEGA PROTOCOL] will be surprised by the many new and interesting enhancements to the game and the LEVEL 7 setting (and if you haven’t played [OMEGA PROTOCOL], there’s no better time to pick it up). So far we have looked at the Russian Soldier, the Brute, the Warden, and the Ghin Commando. This installment is about one of the most anticipated additions to the game, the M.E.A.T.S.A.C.

Lock & Load GameFest 2016 event schedule is live!

We need to apologize for a piece of information that was previously posted in a Privateer Press Insider last week. The registration date for events for Lock & Load 2016 was originally published as March 23. This was an error, and the actual date for event registration is Tuesday, March 29, 2016. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience or confusion this error may have caused.

Here is the correct information regarding event registration:
The event schedule for Lock & Load GameFest 2016 has officially gone live! You can register for all the fun in three easy steps:

Widower’s Wood – Thank you!

The Widower’s Wood Kickstarter campaign wrapped up March 19. Thanks to your incredible support, we raised an astonishing three and a half times our funding goal, unlocking 17 stretch goals and four social goals along the way, which added burly bad guys such as the Ironback Spitter, Blackhide Wrastler, Swamp Horror, and much more. In all, there are over a hundred miniatures packed into the box at the Deluxe, Premium, and Luxury backer levels!

Widower's Wood Developer Diary 5

For this final installment of the Widower’s Wood developer diary series, we’re taking a look at the game’s components and how they can be used in combination with The Undercity to enhance gameplay.

Primecast Episode 29

Episode 29 of the Privateer Primecast has arrived! Join co-hosts Simon Berman and Will Shick as they interview fellow staffers at Privateer HQ. Skull Island eXpeditions author, Larry Correia talks to Will about his upcoming novel, Into the Wild. Simon speaks with Game Developer, William "Oz" Schoonover about Widower's Wood and the new content from the Kickstarter. Tournament player extraordinaire, Jason Flanzer discuss his community experiences and Broken Egg Games with Will. Finally, Doug Seacat returns for Seacat Speaks in which he divulges the secrets of the Infernals.

Turning Traitor

So far we have looked at the Russian Soldier, the Brute, and the Warden from the new expansion, LEVEL 7 [OMEGA PROTOCOL]: Extreme Prejudice. This installment of the developer diary series focuses on the first new hero introduced in the expansion.

An Adventurer's Guide to Widower's Wood

Big bosses, creeping hordes of undead, and spell-slinging swamp sorcerers await you in the gloomy depths of Widower’s Wood. Today, you get an inside look at how you will fight these deadly denizens to begin your adventure as soon as your copy of the game hits your hands!

LEVEL 7 [OMEGA PROTOCOL]: Extreme Prejudice is now available

LEVEL 7 [OMEGA PROTOCOL]: Extreme Prejudice is IN STORES NOW! The gripping expansion for LEVEL 7 [OMEGA PROTOCOL] finds Dr. Cronos at large, and a new team of Agency commandos—call sign Tin Man—has tracked him to a secret research facility in Russia. Their mission: exterminate!

A Wild and Spoiling Storm

Larry Correia Talks about Building Up to Into the Wild

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