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I’ve been doing this convention gig for a few years now, and I like to think that I’m pretty good at it. But there is one thing I just can’t seem to get a good handle on (despite years of vowing, “Things will be different for the next show!"): packing in advance. I always leave packing for the last minute, and I always end up forgetting something—if you want to hear a tragic tale, ask me about the Gen Con when I forgot my cellphone.


Before Invasion… Before Extermination… There Was Betrayal

Privateer Press is taking the alien threat to the next level—and, no, that’s not Level 8.

Part 4 of the Free Skorne Adventure

There’s plenty to do in our upcoming free adventure The Treason of Dakaan. The Treason of Dakaan starts with a midnight missive from the domina of House Kralest, a series of investigations about an unusual crime, and an epic battle with the savage creatures of the desert—and that is only half of the story!

Part 3 of the Free Skorne Adventure

Many great adventures provide ample opportunities for both lethal combat and deadly threats. The Treason of Dakaan is no exception.

The Treason of Dakaan Skorne Free Adventure Part 2

Last week, you got your first taste of the upcoming release The Treason of Dakaan.

Announcing The First Undercity Expansion

Privateer Press is pleased to announce Black River Irregulars, the first expansion for The Undercity and the Iron Kingdoms Adventure Board Game line.

Step Up Your Game

Privateer Press is pleased to announce an exciting new license with Wyrmwood Gaming for the creation of dice vaults and dice trays for WARMACHINE and HORDES!

Upcoming Free Skorne Empire Adventure

The lands of the Skorne Empire are pitiless and deadly.

Lock & Load Badges Are On Sale!

Badges for Lock & Load 2016 are now on sale!

The Holiday Sale Starts Today!

The Privateer Press Holiday Sale is here!

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