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No Quarter #68 is coming at you with a rune-inscribed bullet with Gavyn Kyle's investigation of the legendary Black 13th. If you're looking to get the edge on your competition, look no further than "List Building 101," an article on list-building theory that might change the way you think about your army. Tournament Triple Threat makes its return for the new editions with a look at Khador. And Guts & Gears takes on the Hellmouth, including some winning tactics on the terrifying new creature.

Mounted on swift Skirovik mountain goats native to the northern Khadoran peaks, these blackclads bring the speed and ferocity of a summit storm to bear as they strike from walls of churning mist. Once a rider learns to harness the elements of these remote mountains, he shrouds his form in fog or sheets of rain that blend his silhouette into those of trees and rocks while flashes of lightning sear his opponents.

Privateer Insider

November 7th is just around the corner, creeping stealthily like a ninja. Why does that date matter, you ask? Well, that’s the day the second season of “Crossroads of Courage” begins!

If you’re new to these parts, let me first give you the super-fast rundown. “Crossroads of Courage” is our yearlong narrative league for WARMACHINE & HORDES held at game stores and clubs all across the globe. If you’re looking for unique one-off scenarios and rules that will change your games in significant ways, look no further. “Crossroads” is more than just a chance to participate in a story-driven league, however, as the results submitted by its players are shaping the fate of the narrative’s protagonist, Holden.


Privateer Press Seeks Warehouse Clerk

The Warehouse Clerk is an entry-level position. This position is mostly focused on pulling orders.

The Black River Irregulars: Black Dogs Author Interview

Black Dogs, the first book in the Black River Irregulars trilogy by Richard Lee Byers, releases October 12, continuing the adventures the eponymous mercenary group. Skull Island eXpeditions spoke with Richard about his upcoming novel and what readers can expect from Colbie Sterling’s ragtag band of guns for hire.

Coming Soon: Black Dogs

Skull Island eXpeditions is pleased to announce Black Dogs, the next Iron Kingdoms novel by veteran fantasy author Richard Lee Byers. This volume marks the beginning of the Black River Irregulars trilogy, continuing the adventures of the mercenary group, which began in the novella “Murder in Corvis.”

Primecast Episode 35

Privateer Press Primecast Episode 35 is Live!

Join Will Shick, and Will Hungerford as they interview various staff and friends of Privateer Press at our annual Friends and Family Event at Gen Con 2016! This show was recorded in front of a live audience, and led to the most entertaining episode to record to date. Do not try this at home.

Iron Gauntlet Finals Gen Con 2016

Iron Gauntlet Finals from Gen Con 2016 featuring Jake VanMeter (Legion) vs. Chuck Elswick (Khador) with commentary by Will Shick and Will Hungerford

Crossroads of Courage

War has once again swept across western Immoren, more fierce and bloody than ever before. As the atrocities of war continue to escalate, the people look to their kings, queens, and emperors for guidance. You are one of those mighty leaders, and you stand at a crossroads. What do you believe in? How will you lead your forces to victory?

Tales of the Invisible Hand: An Excerpt

This excerpt from the thrilling, high-flying pulp adventure Tales of the Invisible Hand by Miles Holmes is an excellent introduction to the first original fiction release from Skull Island eXpeditions. Tales of the Invisible Hand releases in print and digital this Thursday, August 4th!

Bloody Buccaneer Brew Skarre

Bloody Buccaneer Brew was, I believe, the second beer-art collaboration we ever did with the Indianapolis RAM during Gen Con, so many years ago now that I’ve forgotten all the details. (If my memory serves correctly, we followed it with the Kiltlifter, but I could have this backwards.)Back then, I was still our primary concept artist, and I was doing artwork for our games and for what we’d provide the RAM for their shirts and mugs. As a long-time fan of creating pin-up art, I saw this as a great opportunity to take one of our favorite WARMACHINE characters and present her in a different, more humorous light.

Tales of the Invisible Hand Airship Schematics with Author Miles Holmes

Despite a prehistoric setting, Tales of the Invisible Hand could be described as diesel-punk. That’s because of the aircraft it features—or “airships,” as they’re called here. I’ve always marveled over the aircraft and air combat of World War II, even when considering the many experimental designs that came from that period. While most of those designs might never have seen action, they were fascinating to me just the same.

Gen Con 2016

I love this time of year. We are in the middle of convention season, and there is always something going on. So far this year we have been to SmogCon, Lock & Load GameFest, Origins, the Las Vegas Open, and a whole bunch of other shows, and that’s only the beginning of what we have planned. Our next big appearance is at Gen Con. This year’s show is going to be bigger than ever as we celebrate the new editions of WARMACHINE and HORDES with a host of events, con exclusives, and new features at our booth.

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