"Forces of WARMACHINE: Cephalyx" Now Available on PP Digital

For millennia, the cruel and inscrutable cephalyx have labored at their grisly work. Now the time has come for them to breach the surface, ensnaring the Iron Kingdoms in their nefarious schemes.

This digital Forces of WARMACHINE book is available now only through PPDigital for $9.99.

Forces of WARMACHINE: Cephalyx unearths the full power and mystery of the cephalyx. Enslave the surface dwellers of Caen with:
• The potent warcaster Exulon Thexus and his vicious theme force, Will of Darkness
• Rules for Cephalyx warcasters, monstrosities, and the Cephalyx Mercenary Contract: Puppet Masters
• New units and solos including the Cephalyx Mind Bender & Drudges unit and the Cephalyx Agitator solo
• A painting guide to help you prepare your forces for battle
• All new fiction and background material detailing the history of the cephalyx and their terrifying agenda