February Dynamic Update

February Errata Developer’s Notes

Hello again from the development team, and welcome to our first dynamic update! After weeks of testing possible changes, we’ve decided these errata are the best options to bring these models into line with other choices in their Factions. Below we discuss our reasons and rationale behind the more significant changes in this update.

Protectorate of Menoth

The High Reclaimer
Feat: Resurrection. Replace the second sentence of the Resurrection rules text with the following:

Place those models completely within 3˝ of their unit commander and completely within the High Reclaimer’s control range. Models that were destroyed this turn cannot be returned as a result of Resurrection.

Reviewing many tournament results and receiving a huge amount of player feedback has brought it to our attention that the High Reclaimer has been operating well above the current power curve of the game. Allowing him to return models with his feat in such a large area with very few restrictions had created a list that is excellent not only in attrition, but also in assassination. Tournament players are being forced to choose army lists specifically tailored to defeat the High Reclaimer—and are still facing an uphill battle against him. Accordingly, we have decreased the threat range of the models returned by his feat significantly. In addition, slaughtering your own troops only to bring them back later that turn did not sit well with us and felt very exploitative during gameplay. Removing this option gives opponents many more options for influencing how and when the High Reclaimer uses his feat. We hope these two changes will bring the High Reclaimer closer in line with the rest of the pack while allowing him to remain a tournament staple.


Spell Slave (★Action or ★Attack). Remove the Spell Slave (★Action or ★Attack) special rule from Deryliss.
Magic Ability. Add the following Magic Ability special rules to Deryliss:

Doom Spiral (★Attack) – Doom Spiral is a RNG 8, POW 12 magic attack. When Doom Spiral damages a warjack that is part of a battlegroup, its controller suffers d3 damage points.

Empower (★Action) – RNG CMD. Target friendly Faction warjack. If the target warjack is in range and it was suffering Disruption, it is no longer disrupted. The warjack also gains 1 focus point.

Tune Up [Faction warjack] (★Action) – RNG B2B. Target friendly Faction warjack. If the warjack is in range, all attack and damage rolls resulting from its next basic attack this turn are boosted.

Mortenebra has always been a unique ’caster within the Cryxian Faction, and unfortunately she has failed to meet expectations in the new edition. Because Master Nechrotech Mortenebra is required to use Deryliss and her current spell list does not utilize Spell Slave as efficiently as other casters, we decided that giving Deryliss its own spells to cast would be a step in the right direction. We hope this helps bring the ’caster and her companion together as a whole. With Empower and Tune Up, Deryliss now reinforces the ’jack theme and efficiency that is already found with Mortenebra, opening up several options in her model choices.

Circle Orboros

Una the Skyhunter
Feat: From on High. Replace the last sentence of the From on High rules text with the following:

From on High lasts for one turn.

Una the Skyhunter has soared to the top of the tournament scene in recent months. Her feat has proved to be hugely powerful when used as a threat range extender and coupled with the Flight rule on the Griffons she is so fond of using. She also brings a very potent suite of abilities, including damage buffs and accuracy buffs for Griffons with Flank, survivability with the Wind Wall spell and Hawker, increased dice odds with Hand of Fate, and increased threat range (in addition to her feat) with Mirage. Her ranged attack brings excellent utility with Thunderbolt, Snipe, and Black Penny. Her feat effectively granted a turn where it was incredibly difficult for most armies to interact with her at all or actually participate in the game. We felt that with the offensive benefits she brings to the table and an interesting pair of defensive/survivability options, having her feat last for a full round was too strong. Changing it to last only one turn keeps it a very powerful feat while not completely shutting out opponents or forcing them to skew their lists to answer this incredibly versatile warlock.

Scarsfell Griffon
Long Leash. Remove the Long Leash special rule from the Scarsfell Griffon.

The Scarsfell Griffon has been overshadowing the other Griffons by a large margin. By removing Long Leash, we hope to reduce the effectiveness of this warbeast with certain warlocks while leaving most interactions unchanged. Adjusting the Scarsfell will hopefully give more value to the other Griffons, opening them up for inclusion in more lists.

Khador Theme Force: Winter Guard Kommand

Replace the second special rule with the following:

Warcasters in this army gain Sacrificial Pawn [Winter Guard trooper model]. (When a model with Sacrificial Pawn [Winter Guard trooper model] is directly hit by an enemy ranged attack, you can have one friendly, non-incorporeal Winter Guard trooper model within 3˝ of it directly hit instead. That model is automatically hit and suffers all damage and effects.)

Replace the first sentence of the third special rule with the following:

For each Winter Guard unit in this army, one heavy warjack in this army can gain Advance Move.

We found that the ability to Sacrificial Pawn to the Gun Carriage was excessive and unintentional. That option has been removed. Requiring the inclusion of Winter Guard units to receive the Advanced Move benefit will increase list diversity while heading off potential abuses of this theme force. In addition, having Advanced Move now apply only to heavy warjacks takes away the unintended jankiness of Scrapjack allowing Old Witch to feat into her opponent’s deployment zone on turn one.