December 21,2016 FAQ


The following is a compiled list of questions and answers addressing the most recent errata release and upcoming format changes for WARMACHINE & HORDES.

Q: Removing cards from products and model rules from books, as well as field testing everything from now on, seems like a radical shift only six months after the release of the new editions. Why now?

A: We have never shied away from evolving, whether it’s our business model or the games themselves. We saw the need to take a bigger step than what we’d originally planned between Mk II and the new editions of WARMACHINE & HORDES. We saw that there are things we can do better. And we listened to our community. Every decision we’ve made has been based on input and feedback from our community with the intention of delivering the best possible game experience.

In addition, we saw a high volume of feedback from the community about the lack of consistency between printed books and up-to-date cards. So, we felt the timing was right, especially with the clean break between the Command books and the upcoming new HORDES Faction and the Theme books to follow.

Q: Community Integrated Development: What is it? What does it mean?

A: Effectively, we will be “beta testing” almost all new WARMACHINE & HORDES model rules, starting with the new HORDES Faction that releases in summer of 2017. We recognize the massive analytical power of our community when collectively focused on specific subjects. We want to organize and harness that power while the models are still in development so that when they release in stores, not only will the rules have been thoroughly tested but they will have already received the stamp of approval from the people who will be putting them on the tabletop.

Our Community Integrated Development initiative will be an evolving process as we determine the best ways to deliver information about new models and collect feedback. Our current plan is to run field tests for blocks of material in 4–6 week sessions with a high level of interaction between our developers and participating community members. The field tests will be open to anyone who wishes to participate—the more, the better. Field tests will be conducted within a few months of the planned model release dates in order to minimize the gap between the testing and the models being playable on the tabletop.

Our hope is that by adopting this process of Community Integrated Development, we will greatly reduce the frequency of errata and avoid any major missteps that might throw off the balance of one game or the other, or individual Factions within the games. We want players to know we are developing the games with their best interest at the forefront and to feel confident that when a model is released it will have a clear purpose on the tabletop as well as adding to an enjoyable gaming experience.

Q: Are all my cards useless now that you’re not going to print them anymore?

A: Cards are still an inherent part of WARMACHINE & HORDES, and you will need them in some form to play the game. While we wish fewer cards were deemed necessary to change, the great majority of the cards in the New Edition decks are still valid and as useful as ever.

All of the cards that have been changed as a result of errata are currently available as free downloadable PDFs and have also been updated in War Room.

Starting with the new HORDES Faction releasing this summer, we will no longer include cards in most of our model products. (Selected products, such as Battlegroup Boxes and Two-Player Battle Boxes, will still be packaged with cards as these starter products are meant to deliver an all-inclusive experience.) This change will support our goal of minimizing the time between the community field tests and the release of tested models. Instead, we will make the cards available in a variety of digital formats, including:

  1. The War Room 2 Mobile App
    War Room 2 provides the flexibility and rapid updates made possible by digital technology. We know that not everyone has access to a smart device or wishes to use one when playing, but as this technology becomes more ubiquitous, we want to be able to offer its benefits to our players. With War Room, we can update the entire WARMACHINE & HORDES card catalog as easily as video game developers are able to release patches for their games. This way, we can provide the most current and consistent library of information for our players at any time and deliver the best possible game experience.
  2. Free Downloadable PDFs
    For those who do not wish to use a digital device when playing or just want to have a printed record of their cards, we will make all cards available for free as PDFs downloadable from our website. For greater convenience, we will offer them in a variety of formats, from high-resolution color images to printer-friendly black-and-white versions. Players who want a larger version of the card for readability will also have the option to enlarge and print the cards to their specifications.
  3. Print On Demand
    Because we know that for many players, having a physical card in hand is an intrinsic part of the gaming experience, we will also make all cards available via third-party print-on-demand services at a nominal fee. We will be researching the ability to offer POD services in several international territories as well, so players can avoid international shipping costs outside of the U.S.

One last benefit we hope to gain from our move to digital delivery of model rules is the ability to more rapidly make the rules available in more languages, all around the world. By eliminating the costs and the timelines associated with print, we hope to offer greater convenience to our international community.

Q: But you said you’d still use cards for prize support and promotions?

A: Cards are still a necessary accessory for playing WARMACHINE & HORDES. Although our standard for delivery for model rules will be primarily digital, we have a long history of offering special-issue or embellished cards through our organized play programs and other events. We will do cards for our leagues, for instance, in order to offer alternate rule sets or unique prizes. As printing of cards will no longer be the norm, we feel these exclusive items will become even more special for players.

Q: If I’m not using War Room, how will I know that my cards are up to date?

A: By implementing our Community Integrated Development initiative, we hope to greatly reduce the need for errata or rules changes in the future. However, when updates are made to cards, we will announce the changes widely through our various communications channels. The latest version will be available at, and you will have the option to be notified of updates by email. All cards have a version identifier in the upper right corner that can be easily referenced against the information online to verify whether or not the cards represent the most current rules.

Q: If cards are going to be available for free online, why would I pay for them in War Room?

A: The cards that will be available online will be PDF image files. When you buy a deck in War Room, you are paying for the features and functionality of the app as well as the significant coding that is required to make every card work within the app.

Q: Why does this card PDF look different than previous card PDFs?

A: We made two new design decisions with this PDF update: the first is that the cards are intended to be cut out and then folded on one edge so that you'll have both a front and back of the same card attached to each other. Second, we decided that any time a single part of a set of cards would be updated, all associated cards would reflect the new version number. For example, if a warcaster's spell list gets changed, all of the other cards associated with the warcaster would get the new version number to reflect the overall change.

Q: Will you do “patch notes”?

A: A living document indexing all changes to rules will be available on Also, going forward we will have a Developer Notes section located here discussing balance changes that were made.

Q: Are the free downloadable rulebooks up to date with the new errata?

A: Not yet, but very soon. In our effort to deliver the errata as quickly as possible, we decided to publish the errata before corrections to the books were completed. The free downloadable rules will be updated in approximately two week s.

Q: If I’m at a convention and I purchase a pre-released model, how am I supposed to play with it at the convention if I don’t have War Room or the ability to print out cards myself?

A: This is an instance in which we will make cards available. The version identifier will indicate that it is a pre-release model and will be handed out with any pre-release purchases.

Q: When will the errata for Skorne be available?

A: Based on feedback gathered from our community, we determined that the necessary adjustments to the Skorne Faction warranted more development time and effort on our part. We have endeavored to make this well known over the past couple of months to ensure it did not take anyone by surprise. The Skorne revision has been completed by our development team and is now in the hands of our graphic designers and editors. We anticipate the release of the Skorne errata right after the start of the new year, and we hope that Skorne players will agree that it was worth the extra wait so that we could properly and fully address the issues in the Faction.

Q: What’s going on with the Skorne Command book?

A: Based on community feedback, we determined that Skorne needed greater attention to adjust its rules than we could give it in the span of time we had to produce the book on the original timeline. In order to maintain consistency with the other Command books while giving it the required additional development time, we needed to push the release date of the Skorne Command book back to fall of 2017 due to printing times. The models associated with the book, however, will still release as originally scheduled in spring of 2017.

Q: What is the point of the books if you’re not going to put model rules in them anymore?

A: Because of the wide use of War Room and the existence of cards, we have observed a growing trend that our Force books are not being used for rules reference. Due to the nature of an evolving rules set, books can also become outdated upon the release of errata or other changes to rules. While we have used the books in the past as an archive for rules, we have never felt that the most important quality of our books was the model content. The Force books contain the fictional background of the WARMACHINE & HORDES setting, providing the context for the battles we imagine playing out on the tabletop. While we know some players do not place a priority on things like character descriptions or the political machinations that stoke the wars of the Iron Kingdoms, for many players this is an intrinsic and valued part of the game experience. And for us as creators, world building is just as important as game design.

By eliminating the model rules from the books, we are focusing these publications on the setting and the characters, brought to life through text and artwork. We will also take the opportunity to increase the hobby content in our Force books with more photography and hobby tutorials, showcasing the many models that make up the armies of WARMACHINE & HORDES. The books will be for those who wish to immerse themselves in the world of Immoren, unencumbered by a catalog of model rules.

The decision to change our book format was made after our Command books were well underway, and it was a direct result of adopting our Community Integrated Development initiative. The first book that will release without model rules will be the new HORDES Faction book, coming in summer of 2017.

Q: Will the Skorne Command book have model rules in it, since it will now come out after the new HORDES Faction book?

A: The Skorne Command book has been delayed until fall of 2017 to allow for further development, but it will follow the same format as the other Faction’s Command books and will contain model rules.

Q: Is there an error with Protectorate of Menoth’s Eye of Truth? The rules for it in Forces of WARMACHINE: Protectorate of Menoth Command do not match the rules on the card.

A: The rules for Eye of Truth printed in the Protectorate Command book omitted the Damage Type: Fire weapon quality on the warjack's Gaze of Justice. As the error appears only in the book and not on the stat card, no new version of the card is required.

Q: Now that card information is going to be available for free online, is it still going to be against the terms of use on the forums to post stats and rules?

A: There will be no restrictions on posting stats and rules in the forums going forward. Post away!